Tips for shaving on vacation?

How to pack for a long weekend?

Next month, I’m heading to fabulous Las Vegas. It’s my first trip there since I started wet shaving. And, since it’s a long weekend, I’d like to shave while I’m there. 

Now, I pack lightly, which means no checked bags. Which also means no safety razor blades. I’m looking for suggestions on how to pull this off on the cheap. Based on my research, I could:

  • Mail a blade to my hotel. They’ll hold an envelope for $7.
  • Buy a package of blades at an upscale shop like Art of Shaving, then throw them away.
  • Buy a package of cheap blades at a place like CVS, then throw them away.
  • Shave with a cartridge razor.
  • Don’t shave for three days.

I don’t care for any of these options. Am I missing something?

The rest of the routine seems easy enough. I just ordered a shave brush holder/tube for $8 and will likely pack a little cream into a small container. Or, is this a prime opportunity to try my first shaving stick, and if so, which one should I buy?

Sharpologists, please help a shaver out!

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  1. I recommend a La Toja Shaving stick. Its vegetal and one of the best IMO!

  2. I would just like to thank everyone for their solutions in the comments section. I have two quick one-nighters coming up for medical school interviews, and they will be my first flights since I started shaving with a DE. I had already started mulling around in my mind how I would go about doing that. I have everything sorted out except for the blade, so thanks again for everyone’s opinions!

  3. Well, I figure since you do not want to spend $7 to mail blades, you surely do not want to spend $60+ to have someone shave you.

    I would buy blades when I arrived in Vegas. I would take my Speick shave stick and my Wee Scot that’s in its pill bottle. If you don’t want to use a stick, take a tube of your favorite cream. You can lather in a hotel coffee cup, the palm of your hand, or on your face. Put your favorite after shave in a leak proof travel bottle.

    Have fun.

  4. Well, it seems to me that you’ve outlined all possible options apart from seeing a barbershop while you’re there.
    If I were to go, I would probably bring my DE razor along and hope to find a pack of good blades at the destination. If you can’t find anything decent, get yourself a cartridge razor. Using a cartridge razor every now and then will also help remind you why you are so fond of your Double Edge. :-)
    I actually wrote an article on travelling with razors earlier this year.

  5. Take a blade or two and just book your bag in on the outward
    journey. Shave as usual and dispose of the blade/blades prior
    to your return trip. Hand carry your bag on the return. This is
    my routine when travelling to Singapore and Australia. Never a
    problem and always a great shave.

    • +1. Check the bag going, carry it on returning. I usually carry a Simpson Case when I travel, but also use the little Omega mixed badger/boar (model 11047, I think) in a prescription bottle at times. Be sure to cut a couple of ventilation holes or slots to let moisture out. I put mine around the “waistline” of the bottle instead of in the cap so the bristles wouldn’t poke out.

      Also, I’ve found sample creams (especially the larger QCS samples) are perfect for travel.

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