Advice: Loading Cream Onto The Brush

Preston writes:

What do you find is the best way to use shaving cream? Do you use something to scoop it out of the container or just use to brush and get some on the bristles? Does one have an advantage over the other? Does one make the shaving cream last long? I am using Taylors shave cream.

When I first started shaving traditionally I would scoop out some cream with a tongue depressor, a plastic knife, a plastic knife, a plastic knife, or even my finger. I thought dipping the brush into the tub of cream would make the cream all “soupy” and thin it out. But eventually I tried dipping my brush directly into the tub and it worked fine. I have been doing that ever since. If I’m using a tube instead of a tub I just squeeze some cream directly onto the brush.

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  1. Sounds like you used 3 different types of plastic knives. I just use my finger to get some cream from the tub and put it directly onto the brush.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I prefer scooping especially if the cream does not contain preservatives.

  3. MrMoonbeam says:

    I'm a scooper – using an ice cream sample scoop that is.
    I started out this way as I was told it was less sanitary to dip the brush directly, and could inadvertently ruin the cream.
    Further, I find that trading spare unused creams is easier if people hear you scoop, rather than dip.
    It also lets me use an accurate gauge of how much product I am using..

  4. Dharion says:

    Hi Mantic,
    I directly load the cream onto my brush aswell. I've got a tube so there's not much what can go wrong.

    However you're a bit obsessed with the plastic knife, aren't you :D

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