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How To Write For Sharpologist For Fame (But No Fortune)!

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Something On Your Mind?

Something on your mind?  Have some knowledge or skill that you think would be useful to Sharpologist readers?  Consider writing a guest post!  But before you submit your post for review, take a look at these guidelines.

Make it Useful

Our focus is on providing useful, practical, helpful, actionable information. It helps if you know what you’re talking about! Educate, teach and show people how to improve their shave, grooming, or lifestyle.  Bear in mind that most of Sharpologist’s readers are beginner-to-intermediate wet shavers who are eager for authoritative information on shaving and grooming!

Make It Unique

Be creative, innovate, original.  Offer something that is different, fresh, or that presents a new angle on something that’s been said a million times before.  Readers want content that has not been extensively covered on other blogs: bring them something new.  Do not be afraid to bring your personality into the post!  

Make It Relevant

Take time to read some recent posts and browse the archives to get a good feel for the type of post that gets positive response.  You choose the topic – but make sure it works with the theme.

Make It Well-Written

Posts need to demonstrate good command of language, grammar, punctuation, clarity, style and tone. Run your content through a spell check and try to catch all the typos.  Edit your post well, and rewrite it a few times. It’s a good idea to set your post aside for a day or two and come back to it with fresh eyes.  Focus on high-quality content that offers a lot of value for readers.
Make sure you have a strong introduction that hooks readers and draws them in. Use good structure and formatting. Sub-headers and bullet points or strong impact statements can help!  Your post may be edited prior to posting for quality or clarity: please don’t be offended if minor changes are made that improve your post even more.  Sharpologist editors tend to limit themselves to tweaking headlines, inserting “more” breaks, adding sub-headings, selecting images, correcting typo or grammatical errors, setting posting dates, and checking for legal concerns (copyrights, trademarks, questions of libel, etc.).  We very much want to keep the “voice” (writing style) of the writer intact!
Have a well-rounded wrap-up: the conclusion is one of the most neglected areas post writing.  End your post well and summarize in a way that encourages conversation and commentary.

Other Things You Need to Know

  • Include a small paragraph crediting yourself as author. Make it fun and interesting, and feel free to include a link to your site.  If you register with Sharpologist you will have a profile page where you can list information, and if you have an avatar on file with Gravatar it will automatically populate both your post and the “Meet The Authors” section (you can also upload your own pic)!
  • We like internal linking, so please include a link or two to a relevant post on our blog if you can. You may also link out to other relevant posts on the ‘net if you’d like – but don’t go overboard.
  • Affiliate links are not permitted without prior discussion.
  • Photos – it’s great if you have your own but if not we can find some.  They should be good quality (minimum resolution 800px by 600 px) and free from copyright.  Please don’t just grab from the web without checking rights.
  • Please credit all sources, assets and use common sense.
  • Your post should be original work that hasn’t been offered or published elsewhere (except your own blog if you have one).
  • If your article is accepted (and we won’t take just anything!) you grant us a license to be the exclusive publisher. However exclusivity is not “written in stone”–we’re open to alternatives. You may republish extracts – for example, on your own site – but the article in its entirety should not appear elsewhere without prior discussion.

If you’d like to write and submit a guest post we may not be able to pay you right away, but we hope you will accept the thanks of our grateful readers for your contribution!  By the way, guest posting can be a fantastic strategy for your own blog: it can bring you traffic and readers.

What To Do Now

Submit your guest post for review by first “pitching” an idea: use the feedback form.
Excited to see what you have to say!


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