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“The double edge razor (DER) shines forth as an enduring rebuke to an age customarily enticed by the vapid promises of mass technology, Where technology is vague of purpose, the DER is specific. Where technology is often blunt and crude; the DER is elegant. Where the best of technology is for the few, the DER speaks to the average man. Where technology is soulless, the DER renders a man both confident and soulful. This marvelous shaving tool is modern man’s talisman against every wild offense the world throws at him. The DER is a man’s companion and constant promissory of all the best he can hope for in this life. With his razor in hand, any man is transformed into a virtual prince of tides; he is always happiest when enveloped in a watery mix of soap, cream and steel.”Charles Roberts

Although Charles is limiting himself to the razor in the paragraph above, it definitely reflects the “zeitgeist” of traditional shaving for me; the Zen-like character of applying warm, fragrant lather with a shaving brush and shaving with a single blade razor. Its a skill (yes, skill) largely lost in today’s society.

This is a supplement to my “how to shave” instructional videos found on YouTube. I try to keep my videos opinion-neutral, but here I’ll express my opinions a little more freely.




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