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Wet Shaving News Podcast w/Soap Commander

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Today is episode 3 of the Wet Shave news podcast.  This episode reviews some recent wet shaving news, and an interview with Darren and Carrie from Soap CommanderCLICK HERE to go to the podcast!  Sharpologist hosts the Wet Shaving News podcast but Andrew maintains complete control over its content.


  • 6/18/2015 via Forbes, Forbes has a great article highlighting a few vendors including Above The Tie and Caties Bubbles, as well as the up-and-coming Beluga Shave Company that aims to create a double-edge razor with a pivoting head. The article is quite a good read, and my congratulations to the companies mentioned in it.
  • 6/16/2015  via Bizjournals, Gillette has filed a patent for a shaving cream dispensing cartridge razor design. The patent details a design which would allow a cartridge handle to hold a small can of compressed shave gel or cream. According to Gillette, most consumers are inconvenienced by the need for multiple shave products, and this design eliminates those products from the consumers bathroom.
  • 6/21/2015   via Yankee Candle, Yankee Candle has release a line of fragrances inspired by barbershops of yesteryear. Scents include “Aftershave,” “Barbershop,” “Chrome,” “Hair Tonic,” and “Hot Towel.” See the show notes for a direct link to the product line.
  • 6/22/2015   via Sharpologist, Sharpologist has updated the list of the best shaving brushes, which include a look at several key aspects of the brush ranging from water retention and feel of the tips, to backbone variation and heat retention. The article is a staple for anyone looking to purchase a brush, and covers the cheapest entry option all the way to a “price is no object” option.
  • 6/22/2015 via Wall Street Journal, Gillette appears to be losing sales to online subscription services. The online marketplace doubled in size last year, jumping to 263 million in sales. Gillette commands a large percentage of the retail shave market, but only a small sliver of online sales. This has prompted Gillette to increase the steam behind it’s online shave subscription plans. The real issue with the plans, however, lie within the numbers. Gillette claims that the cartridges are a greater value with an online plan, yet their lowest price cartridge is for the Mach 3, a three blade option that runs about $3.50 per cartridge. Compared to Dollar Shave Club, the online marketplace leader, that’s $3.30 more for the lowest tier offering. Both of these plans offer five cartridges per month, but after shipping and handling, Gillettes club asks a 566 percent premium over Dollar Shave Club. Gillette justifies this cost through a “rewards” program that offers the chance to win items such as baseball or concert tickets.
  • 6/23/2015  via Forbes, more businesses are looking to traditions of yesteryear to grow their businesses. Forbes reports that more companies are following traditions of successful businesses from the past to grow and expand today. Among these traits Forbes recognizes showing sincere gratitude, such as handwritten thank you cards, and offering genuinely personalized assistance and support are trends many more businesses are adopting to try and grow their customer base.

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