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Wet Shaving Links From October, 2017

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Here are some wet shaving links from last month I found interesting.

Wegian Warrior

Another interesting razor stand idea
Artisania Romera Manchurian Badger
The “decline” of the shave forums
The case of the 50$ Stainless Steel Razor – an analysis
Scary: Sport and Shave Ken

Stephen Davidson

My New Preshave: Cremo Chill:

Jayaruh Shaving

E. Weck Straight, U. S. Military

BrushnSoapnBlade Podcast

Ep 192 – Shave your way through a crisis


A “shave créme” is not a shaving cream: Archipelago’s Botecario de Havana Formula No. 312

Shave Like Grandad

FINAL Final Word on Ming Shi vs Derby Extra Blades
Limited-Water Wet Shaving, and a Surprising Vintage Redux
Experiment With Your Shaving Process
Omega Syntex Brush: A Long-Term Evaluation

How To Ruin Your Shaving Pleasure


Browman Razor


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