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Wet Shaving Links For May 2018

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I’m on my way to the 2018 Maggard Razors meetup in Michigan!  Meanwhile, here are the shaving-related links I found most interesting last month.  Plus some website housekeeping.

Shave Like Grandad

On a Modern 28-shave Blade and Original Gillette One-month Blades

How did the original Gillette customers get up to a month of shaves from a single blade?

The Down-Up Shave

There is much hoopla about the three-pass shave. There may be an alternative that is quicker, simpler, and as effective as you want it to be.

BrushnSoapnBlade Podcast

Ep 218 – Single Edge Razors and Happiness!  

Ep 217 – Straight Razors and Marketing!

Wegian Warrior

Cleaning a flea marked find – Gillette Single Ring from 1921-28

A little while ago I found – well, my Better Half found and pointed out to me – an old razor in a flea marked. Haggling it down to half of what the seller asked for, I brought it home and found it to be an old Gillette Single Ring with the thick top cap and no serial number.


Review of Pereira Shaving Cream With Activated Charcoal

Short version, bottom line up front: Good soap, get some if you can find it.
[Note from “Mantic59”–I just got some of this myself and I think it’s fantastic!  More info coming to Sharpologist soon.]

Male facial shaving – or “how not to be asphyxiated by poison gas”

World War One, known at the time as the Great War or the War to end all Wars (yeah, right…) was the first war when clean shaved faces were required.

Grooming Heroes

Genes may be responsible for your thinning hairline but they don’t determine how stylish you look.


5 reasons not to shave with a straight razor

Here are five common misconceptions about straight razors which, I think, are stopping a lot of people from making the transition to a straight razor.

Wet The Face

Georgetown Pottery – G20 Scuttle

Primer Magazine

5 Things You Don’t Know About Your Own Face

It’s the largest organ of the human body, we break down how to care for it easily.

Aspiring Gentleman

The Gentleman’s Guide to Manscaping

If you are expecting your other half to be clean down below, then you can imagine she’d want you to do the same.


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