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Wet Shaving Links From June, 2018

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With the new month here is a look back at some of the internet links I found interesting last month.

BrushNSoapNBlade Podcast

Ep 222 – Oh What a Difference a Blade Makes!
Ep 221 – Barbon Shaving Cream
Ep 220 – It’s Still the Ex Wife’s Lawyer!

Shave Like Grandad

Best Razor for Sensitive, Easily-Nicked Beards?
The Importance (to Some) of Razor Choice
Parker Variant Versus Gillette Slim: The Adjustable Challenge Begins
The Slim with a New Dorco Blade
Gillette Slim Redux (Yet Again)

Georgetoon Blog

Mission Razor – A morning shave with the RazoRock Mission Safety Razor.
New Safety Razors – There are new safety razors coming to market very soon. We take an early look at two of the offered by Global Shave Club International.

Wegian Warrior

How Much For A Blade – For the record, for my preferred all-round blade I’ll happily pay about 13 cents each when buying in bulk… which is dirt cheap compared to what blades used to cost when adjusted for inflation.
Old Gillette Advertisements

Hot Shave Hustlers

Best Face Wash For Men – In-depth looks at 10 of the best face wash brands and products for men in 2018.

Wet The Face

Parthenon Adjustable Razor


Why Are Men So Afraid Of Skin-Care Products?

Ape To Gentleman

The Art Of Manscaping


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