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Wet Shaving Links From July 2018

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Here are last month’s shaving and grooming links I found interesting!

Save Your Shave (New Blog!)

Three ways to use shaving soap (that don’t involve shaving)

Shave Like Grandad

A Shim in My Snap-together Two-piece Razor
Love the One You’re With…
A Confirmation that the Reverse-Shimmed Variant is a Great Move
The Parker Variant: Making it the Best Razor for ALL Users!!!!

Daily Lather

Site Update – Sharper and Faster!

Wet Shaver Review

Pre-Shaves: Do you need one?

Wegian Warrior

A Barbershop Experience
“Shaving” vs. “Smoothing”

Georgetoon Blog

Chieftain Blade Alignment
Vintage Self-Lubricating Razor

Grooming Essentials

How To Treat Razor Nicks And Cuts

Shave Valet

Safety Razor vs. Cartridge Razor

Aspiring Gentleman

Skincare: It’s Not Just For Girls


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