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Wet Shaving Links For December, 2017

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The past couple of months seemed to be a bit thin with interesting topics from the wet shaving blog-o-sphere but I did pick up a few nuggets to share.

Stephen Davidson

Resolution & The Doc:

Today I got up and looked in the mirror and I needed a shave. So I grabbed Soap Commander and their fabulous “Resolution” scented soap which is the only Christmas like scent that I have in my shave cave.

Jayaruh Shaving

Lather Catcher Handles Continued

I made two handles earlier in the week, and they went to two homes. Today, I decided to make some more. I made three. For now I am leaving them unfinished to see if there is an interest in customizing the finishes. They have stainless steel threads and aluminum ferrules.

Schick Golden 500

I won this Schick Golden 500 on the TSD Holiday Raffle. It is a Hydromagic, too.

Black Handle Super Speed, N3
Handles for Lather Catcher

Today I turned two handles for Gem Lather Catcher razors. I used two blanks from the Louisville Slugger stubs. This wood is pretty hard. I had a member on TSD who expressed an interest in them.

Shave Like Grandad

It’s Not Apollo 13, but We’re Working the Problem(s)….

Recovering From a Bad Shave Yesterday I continued my alternating-razor experiment, but I made a boneheaded move. Instead of taking my usual conservative, multi-pass shave, I instead dialed my Gillette Slim up to three (of nine), and resolved to do a one-pass, with-grain shave.

After Six Shaves Alternating Between the Slim and the Variant Adjustables….

Today was the sixth shave on my current Personna Red blade. Starting with that initial, rough shave using my Gillette Slim and the fresh Personna, I’ve continued to alternate daily between my Parker Variant and the Slim.

Blade Matters: Usefulness of Adjustable Razors

My most recent SuperMax Titanium blade gave me 24 good shaves before being retired to the recycle can. The last two shaves of those 24 were done with my Gillette Slim Adjustable. Those shaves among others recently caused me to re-think my use of the Slim for only commemorative occasions.

BrushNSoapNBlade Podcast

Ep 200 – Barrister Reserve and Episode 200!


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