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Valentines Day Shaving

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Valentine’s day is coming up.  Have you thought about a Valentine’s Day shave yet?  Something special you can give to your significant other?  Or something to hint at TO your significant other?

The Gift Of A Shave?

The act of shaving is a very intimate thing, even for yourself.  So offering to do it for someone special takes some preparation: there’s a lot of trust, bonding, affection, and mood-setting in the mix.  Let’s assume for this article that a man may offer to shave his lady’s legs.

I asked Tiffanyanne Kosma of Ritual Shave for her perspective:
“I remember my first traditional wet shave, it was bliss.  Laying on the bed, surrounded by pillows and my heart beating rapidly with anticipation.  My partner was vocal with me about each step, starting with soothing Proraso White pre-shave and a firm & gentle touch.
“I relaxed as I watched lather being built for the first time and held my breath as the razor took it’s first pass on my right leg.  I remember feeling a little scared, beautiful, grateful and honored.  Little did I know, the best was yet to come.

“Applying the lather with a badger brush, it tickled just enough to give me goose bumps from head to toe, I shivered and laughed all at once.  The intimacy was unlike anything else I had ever experienced before. And, I fell in love… with Wet  Shaving.
“Here are a few quick tips that can help you share this experience with your spouse or partner:

  1. Have the conversation in advance – Ask your partner to make the time to relax and allow you to pamper them
  2. Create an ambiance – set the scene for your partner.  Add candles, soft fabrics and pillowcases.  Work backwards also, depending on your end of the evening goals, you might want to set up in a place that can be converted to an even more intimate background (like the bedroom).  Cover the blankets and pillows with towels to protect the linen.  Using a small bowl for water and lather can be a keen was to work also, and much less mess. ” [Ed. Note: I once gave Mrs. Mantic59 a leg shave in the bathroom tub.  Yes I climbed in “nekkid” with her to do it.  It worked out well. 🙂 ]
  3. Listen to your partner.  If they are scared or cannot relax, consider changing something.  You could consider using their razor to shave, and add in the bowl and lather preparation.  You know your partner, use what you know about their likes to make them more comfortable.
  4. Share – one of the things that means the most to me in my relationships is when my partner “gets inside my head”.  It’s a game changer, literally the person can talk and turn me into jelly.  Talk to your partner, walk them through the steps and include them in the evening.
  5. Do not criticize your partner.  People come to new activities in their own way and fear can come up in many forms.  If your partner is sharing their true feelings with you, considering stopping what you are doing, lay close and listen – you will find your own intimacy there.

“Intimacy starts within you and comes from sharing your heart and your passions genuinely, with the person you care about.  Whether it is shaving or anything else in life, always create a partnership with communication and your relationship with reign for many years to come.”
On the other hand…I asked a similar question on Reddit’s Lady Shaver board and got this comment:

“[Absof*ckinglutely] not. I wouldn’t consider it romantic. I have enough of a hard time shaving the nape of my bf’s neck between haircuts. I waffle between “this is fine!” and hearing the Sweeney Todd overture running through my head.
“The thought of him trying to navigate the spaces that are even tricky for me to do after 10+ years’ experience…nah.
“I would settle for letting me peacefully have the tub to myself for 30 min while I shave carefully, then not crying…when I’ve used up all the hot water 🙂 “
So what I get from this is a “surprise” gift is probably not the best idea.  Have a discussion about it now to avoid problems later.  If the reaction is positive you have some time to set it up.
My two primary suggestions for the “gift” is to not use very low lighting (some candles may be romantic but you need to see what you’re doing!) and to concentrate on the lather–use a razor that the person getting the shave will be familiar and comfortable with (if they’re used to a multi-blade pivot razor then use it.  Hold off on the DE or straight razor until you get the go-ahead).

Valentine’s Day Gifts?

If you are thinking of the gift of a shave maybe it should include something more tangible and “theirs.”  Perhaps a shaving soap or cream with a mild scent, or a shaving brush they can call their own.  There are many shaving lather products with scents to please–take a look at Sharpologist “best” shaving cream and shaving soap articles for some suggestions.  In this specific situation maybe something floral would be appropriate–something like Trumper’s Violet, DR Harris’ Lavender, or Taylor Of Old Bond Street’s Rose.  Or find out what kind of scents your object of affection enjoys and buy accordingly.
Shaving brushes may be a little more difficult since the areas to be shaved (e.g. legs) cover a lot more territory than that face.  You’ll probably want to consider a larger brush, like the eShave Shaving Brush or even something like the Kent BK-8 or even the BK-12!) if you’re going for something a little pricier.
In any case, my point is start thinking about a special gift now so you can prepare for a romantic memory….
Any other ideas?  Share them in the comments below!


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