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After The Shave: Underfit A Year Later

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underfit covered
Last year I wrote about Underfit, an undershirt designed to smooth the look of dress shirts.  They have been redesigned slightly and I was sent one to try, and compare to the previous product.

Underfit’s Fit

Underfit is designed to fit more snugly against the body than a regular undershirt, without puckering or billowing, but not so tight like it would be girdle-like.  It’s made of Modal (a type of Rayon) and Lycra.  Paul with Underfit told me that they recently tweaked the cut a bit, widening the neck dimension, and sent me one to try.
I was initially a bit disappointed: the shirt felt softer but was more “wrinkly” than the previous design.  Both comments surprised Paul because he said it was made with the same material mix as the first version.  As we were troubleshooting the problem, the answer became apparent: I had lost 20 lbs. since first trying Underfit so I needed a smaller size!  Paul generously sent me a smaller size and sure enough, it fit much better.
underfit t
Like the original Underfit, there is an extra three inches of length so it will stay tucked in all day, despite lots of standing and sitting.  It’s lightweight (perhaps best suited for use under business clothes vs. providing warmth by itself) and very soft to the touch…almost sensual.
As you might suspect it does cost more than your basic pack of undershirts but they are available off Amazon in both V-Neck and Crew Neck.  As I said in my original post about Underfit, if you are trying to get the same kind of smooth look with your clothes as you have with your face after properly shaving Underfit is definitely worth a look.


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