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"Training" a Beard?

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“Thanks for the shaving tips…. I was never taught to shave, long story short… there are reasons why i was never taught but you showed me the correct way… Do you have tip on how to shave and get the hair to start growing the correct way. I have been a hack and slasher for years… my neck line hair grows three different way how can I fix this???? any ideas? Also can you give me some tips on how to care for my safety razor… I just bought a Merkur Safety Razor… and dont want to use it until I learn to care for it the right way how to clean it what I should use to clean it with and all that…”

“Training” your beard to grow in a particular direction may be possible but it takes a long time. The easiest way to deal with crazy directions is by using a gentle, single-bladed razor, good prep, good lather, and not going for that “baby’s butt smooth” shaving in that area for a while. Regarding the Merkur razor, just rinse, wipe, and put it away. If you have hard water and get some calcium build-up after while just soak the razor in a solution of one part vinegar and four parts hot water for an 30 minutes or so. Then give it a scrub under warm water with a toothbrush. That should take care of it.


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