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Skincare and Diet for Men: Get a Great Complexion by Eating Well

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You can buy the most expensive, high-end products, but if your diet is lacking, your skin is always going to be less than stellar. So what should you be eating to achieve that dashing glow? Read on and find nutrient-and-antioxidant-packed superfoods that make you look (and feel) like Superman.

Protein: A Crucial Component

Seriously, enough with the insane dieting, guys. It is hurting the health of your skin. In fact, according to Dr. Jessica Wu, a clinical dermatologist and dietician, protein is essential; if you crash diet and don’t get enough, your body is deprived of amino acids that help make collagen and elastic tissue. So don’t skip the nuts, lean meats, fish, and seeds.

And one word of caution: just because it says “protein” on the package doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you. Instead of grabbing for a protein bar (which are often high in sugar) reach for a handful of almonds and/or a piece of fruit instead.


Finally, you might have a better reason to eat your spinach (and other veggies). Eating vegetables throughout the day is an essential part of achieving glowing skin. Check out these nutrient-rich options:

Broccoli – High in antioxidants, including Vitamin C and E, broccoli is a skincare superfood. The element of vitamin E protects your skin’s membrane and guards against unwanted UV radiation (which is why so many people swear by it Vitamin E oil). Vitamin C is crucial because it helps to produce collagen, which keeps skin youthful and combats wrinkles.  And if that wasn’t reason enough, broccoli is also high in fiber, so you’ll stay full and be less likely to binge on skin-damaging, high-sugar snacks. Looks like maybe your Ma was right!

Carrots – This vibrant vegetable is a great source of beta carotene, which is an antioxidant that is converted to Vitamin A. The benefits of Vitamin A have been touted by experts for a long time as being one of the biggest game changers in skincare. Retinol, a high-dosage version of Vitamin A is prescribed by dermatologists to treat acne, wrinkles, and other skin conditions. 

Eat Tomatoes

Lycopene–the thing that gives tomatoes their color–is actually great at fighting sun damage and free radicals. You get the most benefits when the tomatoes are cooked, because that’s when the antioxidant is released.

So if you’re going out to dinner, consider pasta with tomato sauce or even a slice of pizza (ask for extra sauce). No one will suspect you’re doing it for vanity reasons, because pizza is outrageously delicious!

Skip the Sugar

Everything in moderation, sure. But too much sugar can spike insulin and cause inflammation, which can lead to breakouts and irritate wrinkles. So instead of eating that second piece of cake, opt for a healthier alternative like fruit when you can.

Drink Lots of Water

You’ve probably heard this a hundred times. However, it’s repeated so often because it’s true. Staying hydrated helps your organs function properly, flushes out toxins, and actually plumps up skin, giving you a much younger appearance. If you find it difficult to get enough water, try adding lemon or cucumber, or ingest other fluids like green tea. Your skin and the rest of your body will definitely thank you!

There you have it. Things to pick up on your next food shop. Leave your comments after the jump.

Cassie Brewer

Cassie Brewer