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Shaving-Related Links This Week

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wrecking ball
I came across some interesting shaving-related links this week that I wanted to share and comment on.


Old men get a shave as demolition work goes on behind them: LINK.  This is a great set of photographs and related story from Nanchang, China.  According to the article, the street barber there  has been doing haircuts and shaves there for three years
Toddler reacts to father’s first shave (video): LINK.  The is a sweet video with the child touching the now-smooth face of her father.
Shave Like Grandad: The X-Pass Shaving Pattern: LINK.  Doug tried a criss-cross pass with fairly poor results.  Speaking for myself, I find criss-cross strokes useful for limited areas when going against the grain just isn’t possible for some reason.
Why Do Moles Grow Crazy, Dark Hairs? From Dollar Shave Club: LINK.  From the article: “When a bunch of the cells that gives our skin color (or melanocytes) end up in the same place, they form hyper-pigmented patches of skin that we call moles. Because of all this pigment, any hair that grows out of a mole can be darker and coarser—and even grow faster than the rest of your body hair.”  I always kind of wondered how that worked, haven’t you?  🙂

Anatomy of a Shaving Soap: What Makes a Shaving Soap Recipe Good? From the Shaver/Soaper LINK.  Lewis has decided to start making his own shaving soap and is researching just what is shaving soap and what makes it good.  I will be following his series with interest.


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