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Shaving Links From Around The Internet

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stubble face
Arko Shave Stick Push Dispenser for 3d printer (Thingverse)

Shaving mirror starts bedroom fire by reflecting sunlight (BBC)

A farewell to beards: Men shaving to avoid jihadist stigma in southeast Turkey (Hurriyet Daily News)

Large Archive of Blade Package Design (Tutto Lamette)

An Open Letter To DE Sellers, Reviewers (Shave Like Grandad)

5 Ways to Save On Shaving (Marketwatch)

P&G Will Divest Duracell Batteries (Relevant for Gillette Battery-Operated Razors) (Advertising Age)

13 Professional Barbers Reveal the Best Electric Shaver (My Shaver Guide)

Men’s top 5 electric shavers (Groom & Style)
Best Electric Shavers (Segment Blue)


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