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Paradigm Titanium TI 2 Review

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The Paradigm Shaveware Company has been diligently working on new products as well as improving the old ones. The Paradigm Titanium 2 (TI 2)is a classic example on how to combine the new vs. old concept in order to build a truly unique piece that has wet shavers wanting more.

After several test runs and improvements to the design I believe Paradigm has produced nothing less than a modern marvel with the TI 2. It’s sleek design and overall efficiency makes is worth it’s weight in gold or titanium.
You may remember Mantic 59’s review from last year on the V1 Titanium. This new razor has been built on customer feedback based on that model. We’ll refer to this model in the review section.
Before we get into our review let’s take a moment to go over the company and some of the other offerings Paradigm Shaveware has available today.
As of the release of this writing, Paradigm has produced three models with one in the works.

17-4: A stainless steel model with the classic Paradigm pattern on the handle
Titanium 1: The original Paradigm razor. Brushed finish and slightly aggressive. This model has since been discontinued.
Titanium 2: Improved version of the TI 1. Polished finish and same head dimensions as the 17-4.

SE Artist Club: Still in the testing phase. This razor is takes artist club blades.

The Company: 

Andrew Andersen, a lawyer who found his way into the world of metal construction is the guy responsible for Paradigm razors. He is a specialist when it comes to the matrix of metal and has even subcontracted for NASA.
Outside of his professional career he is a wet shaving junkie and one day decided to make his own razor.  I was able to catch up with him via email with a few questions and wanted to share them with you.

Interview with Andy the Owner:

When I first received my V2 I was thoroughly impressed. I decided to contact Andy the man responsible for this new razor that has the wet shaving community all excited.
1.What brought you to world of traditional wet shaving?
I somehow happened upon the Feather AS D2 and said, “I have to have it.” Little did I know that, while the razor is mild, the shave angle is unforgiving. I cut myself to pieces a few times, but hung with it.
2. What was the motivating factor to begin producing razors?
I had become a wet shaving junkie, and I wanted to build a better (and better looking) mousetrap. I also liked the idea of using titanium. I believed it has an excellent balance of properties. Still do.
3. How many prototypes did you go through before having a finished product? Did you try other metals besides stainless steel and titanium?
I don’t recall, but quite a few. Was prototyping in titanium, which was expensive! We’ve gotten smarter about this and now use aluminum for prototypes. Remember: you can always remove material, but you can’t put it back!
4. What tools do you use to make the razors? Is working with titanium similar to working with stainless steel? Do you use CNC machining? Have you ever tried anodizing?
Yes to CNC. Titanium has its own quirks. Anodizing IMO is of little practical benefit, but can look very cool. The exception is hard anodizing of aluminum, which is beneficial. My machining is done by a really skilled guy in Minnesota, who has also become a close friend.
5.How many razors have you produced?  How many T1s and T2s and 17-4s?
So far, only 250. Just 50 first generation titanium were produced. It’s a good razor, but runs a bit hot for many people to handle. More Ti 2s and 17-4s are on the way. Also our Artist Club razor will be out in September.
6. What were the struggles when creating a single edge razor?
Interestingly, that ran pretty smoothly. The trickiest part was figuring out a mechanism for the sliding top cap.
7. What’s your favorite part of the job?
The creative aspect. I love dreaming up new designs, both practically and aesthetically. Once a design is complete, I get restless for the next project. It’s kind of a black art, all this.
8. Anything new on the horizon
Apart from pending SE release, there will be a run of 17-4s. There is a bunch of other stuff percolating that I hope will knock your socks off. The market for wet shaving continues to grow, but there are a lot of great razors out there, and they are getting better every day. Paradigm will continue to evolve and innovate.


*Disclaimer, The review on this razor is based solely on the author and does not bear the opinion of Sharpologist. This razor was purchased for full retail direct from the Paradigm site.
Now the most important part, the review! Let’s take a moment to look at this razor in dept.


The Paradigm Titanium V2 came to me in the regular fashion.  In a nice box with a pack of blades. While nothing out of the ordinary, the packaging is sufficient and the pack of blades was a nice touch.


First things first, this razor is 100% titanium and is striking. It’s mirror polished and I could not find any blemishes whatsoever. At 65 grams it’s lighter than most stainless steel or copper razors but it is indeed balanced.  Styling is perfectly symmetrical and fitting of a razor at this price point ($395).



While not an option from Paradigm,titanium looks great when it’s anodized (adjusting oxide level of a substance to change its color). Here are some photos of two anodized Paradigm V2 razors courtesy of my good friend Frank Testagrose.

The Shave:

The TI 2 feels great in hand. Adequate grip and solid feel.  I’ll admit that I usually use heavier razors and had to remind myself this during the shave. When I use lighter razors I take a little more time with each pass, because I make a point of using a very light touch (less pressure). With heavier razors the weight makes it a little easier to find the perfect touch if that makes sense.
First pass I went WTG (with the grain) and as previously mentioned went with a light touch and very little pressure. The first thing I noticed was the glide. Smooth and efficient. The beauty of the titanium is also functional. The razor rolled as if it almost had wheels down my cheeks and was surprisingly gentle over parts of my neck and under my nose where I usually have issues. No weepers and no irritation. The light pressure was the key to success.
Going ATG (against the grain) was just as enjoyable. I went with a typical 30 degree angle and very light pressure. The razor cut with ease and had removed the remaining stubble easily.  Quick rinse with some cold water and my face was BBS all the way.
Check out this video I made for better reference. 


The Paradigm Titanium TI 2 is an impressive razor to say the least. It’s titanium construction is high quality and built to be passed down for generations. The razor is mild enough for a new wet shaver and still packs a nice balance for those who have been in the game some time.
Shave quality is excellent by far, and justifies it’s high price. That being said, the price does pose a problem for many as it is a major investment. At $395 this razor is far from budget and is at the top of the price bucket for most modern day straight razors. In addition, with a very limited release schedule, the TI 2is a little difficult to obtain.
If you’re looking for a high-quality shave investment, then this razor should definitely be on your wish list. If you have any questions regarding releases or Paradigm products please feel free to contact the company here. 
About the Author:
Joe Borrelli is a long-time wet shaving enthusiast and collector.  He hosts the Wet Shaving News/Talk Podcast , runs his own self-funded website  and operates a YouTube channel to help inform the community of new information involving the wet shaving world. Joe holds a BBA from Florida Atlantic University, and currently works for the nation’s largest wine/spirits/beer retailer. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling with his wife Linda, reading, writing, outdoor activities and collecting wet shaving apparel. Find out more about Joe here.

Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli is a long-time wet shaving enthusiast and collector. He hosts the Wet Shaving News/Talk Podcast, runs his own self-funded website and operates a YouTube channel to help inform the community of new information involving the wet shaving world. Joe holds a BBA from Florida Atlantic University, and currently works for the nation’s largest wine/spirits/beer retailer. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Linda & son Anthony, reading, writing, outdoor activities and collecting wet shaving apparel. Joe has also written several dozen articles for online publications such as Sharpologist and How to Grow a Mustache.View Author posts