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My-Blades Crowdfunding Campaign

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my-blades crowdfunding campaign

There is a new crowdfunding campaign for a double edge razor blade made from recycled materials: My-Blade.

From the Indiegogo crowdfunding page:

“You probably can’t imagine a razor blade without traditional steel, but we can – and we made it. The thing about traditional steel is that it’s incredibly resource-intensive. Steel’s biggest CO2 impact comes from the use of virgin material, which is created out of iron ore, which is mined through an energy-intensive process that wreaks havoc on the environment. The finalized refinery process that turns iron into steel by making use of coal, coke, and fossil fuels spews a terrible amount of CO2 into the atmosphere and speeds up global warming.

“That’s why we looked into recycling high-grade stainless steel to create a new kind of blade with a unique history, being kinder to the environment and to your skin. Finally….

“MY-BLADES is the world’s FIRST and (to our knowledge) the ONLY sustainable razor blade made from more than 80% of recycled metals.”

Read more about it at Indiegogo:


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