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Mooseberry Shaving Cream

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Sharpologist has a new advertiser, Elevate Grooming. I decided to sample some of the products they carry that I’m not too familiar with.  One thing that piqued my interest right away was a shaving cream from Mooseberry Soap Co.

Note that I purchased this product from Elevate Grooming before they became an advertiser.  This is not a sponsored post.


I’m not familiar with Mooseberry Soap Co. so I did a little research.  They’re an organic body care artisan in New York state.  The shave cream is described as:
“A traditional shaving foam with a natural twist. Sometimes we like a white foamy cream for shaving. Sometimes, a natural clean glide and other times, a smooth moisturizing surface. This cream provides all three.”
The cream has an admirably short, non-gobbleteegoop-sounding list of ingredients: Distilled water, Kosher Vegetable Glycerine, Sugar Alcohol, Saponified Organic Coconut Oil Base, Plant Based Phenoxyethanol, Organic Hemp oil, Rosemary Seed Extract, Essential Oils
There are a number of scents available including:

  • Adirondack Forest And Sage
  • Cedar Patchouli
  • Oatmeal Spice
  • Ocean Lavender
  • Orange Bergamot
  • Sandalwood
  • Sandalwood Vanilla
  • Spearmint Peppermint
  • Triple Citrus
  • Wild Blackberry Bush

I picked up some of the Oatmeal Spice.  My uneducated nose picks up the coconut oil base (my wife says it’s a tropical fruit note but coconut sure fits into that category), a green note (the hemp?), with a peppery/spicy (allspice?) end note out of the jar.  On the face I get a more of the spice note but over-all it’s a mild, pleasant scent to me.
This is a brushless cream.  I tempted fate and tried lathering it with a badger brush but the results were not what I expected.  It lathered a bit more easily with a synthetic brush.
But my advice is, don’t bother with using a brush anyway.  It applies just fine with just my fingers.
More importantly, Mooseberry’s shave cream performs quite well for me!  Cushion and lubrication are excellent–and to me the post-shave moisturization meets or beats the other brushless creams I recommend.
So while Mooseberry’s shave cream from Elevate may not be the full-tilt-boogie old school shaving experience for me, I find myself turning to it when I need a fast-but-good shave.  If you have dry skin you may find this shave cream works particularly well for you, too.


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