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Mantic59's Shave Of The Day 11 September 2018

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My shave today: Weishi Nostalgic adjustable razor (Parker blade), Stirling brush, Wm. Neumann shave cream, Burke Ave. aftershave.

I need to get back to evaluating the Chinese clone adjustable razors I got for an upcoming Sharpologist article, so I repeated a shave I did last month with the same products to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.  And I still got an excellent shave from the Weishi.  Of the three recent Chinese clones that seem to come from the same general design (Weishi, Qshave, Viking’s), I definitely prefer the Weishi: it has the widest range of adjustment and the low-end is lower than the others (particularly the Qshave which is reeeeeeally aggressive at all settings).


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