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Lady Shaving

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woman shaving legs

This is a short article about the blessings of certain elements to ensure a close and nick-free shave on legs, toes, armpits and pubic area.


You need only a couple of items to ensure this close shave.

1.        A triple-edge shaver, such as Venus Simply 3 by Gillette, a division of Proctor & Gamble.

2.        A Smooth shave cream, such as EOS Shea Butter Shave cream, available, at all places,  Walgreens!

Armed with these two items, you can achieve a close shave on legs, pubic area, and armpits.

Before I begin, just a few words on why a triple-edge shaver. I have used single blade shavers in the past but found they have a nasty tendency to scrape the legs so badly that they even scratch the surface to create tears in the skin. The last time I used a single blade shaver, I cut my leg so badly that I bled for days. I have used double blade shavers in the past, with decent results before they got too dull to continue using. I ran through quite a few very quickly. The triple-edge shaver, such as the Venus Simply 3 by Gillette, stays sharp a lot longer for the amount of time you use it. You can use it multiple times before having to heave it and get a new one.

As to the smooth shave cream, such as EOS Shea Butter cream, there is a definite reason to use such a cream. Unlike some men’s shaving creams, this shaving cream has many emollients just tailored for a woman’s needs. It is smooth and creamy, so that a little goes a long way. And it doesn’t clog the blade but rinses cleanly after I shaved a short time. Also, the emollients moisturize the legs and arms and pubic area nicely, so that you don’t have to apply lotion afterwards.


As to how, I will present a couple of tricks to use while shaving. I use just a little Shave cream on each leg, starting with the ankle to knee area first, then the thigh area followed by a quick trip to the public area. You can also use the shave cream on the toes, which have hair on them also. With just a couple of strokes, rinsing the shaver and then quickly moving back to the area I was shaving at, I can finish each leg in a short amount of time.

The knee can be a bit tricky. Apply the shave cream over the knee, bend the knee slightly to get all the angles of the knee: front, sides, and then back. Follow by returning to the back of the leg before proceeding to the pubic area.

Moving then to the pubic area, I apply the shave cream once more and use the shaver to complete that area, rinsing the shaver after a couple of strokes.

Lastly, I move to the armpits. The armpits are a little tricky. You need to shave in the downward direction on each armpit, to ensure you do not have nicks.

The triple-edge razor is nice, in that it does the job quickly, with limited stops to rinse the shaver completely before tackling the next phase. It also has the advantage of not wearing out too soon after each shave. This is nice, in that you don’t have to replace the blade very often. There is presently no way to sharpen the blade once it wears out. You just have to replace it then.

That is all I have to say about this topic. I look forward to handling new topics for women shavers. Let Sharpologist know if you have any questions or requests for me to follow up on. Thank You.

Kathy Crehore

Kathy Crehore