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Interview With Video Wet Shaver Kensurfs

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Earlier this month I was in Southern California on (shaving!) business. More on that experience coming soon. But while I was there West Coast Shaving generously opened (on Saturday!) for me and a few others and I was lucky enough catch video wet shaver “Kensurfs.”

With the help of Abe at West Coast Shaving, who generously let us borrow some of their video equipment, Ken and I sat down for an impromptu interview:

00:40 where does the “Kensurfs” handle come from?

01:28 Ken’s background

02:45 what’s Ken’s video setup?

04:34 what are some of Ken’s favorite shaving products?

06:00 what are some of the requests from Ken’s viewers?

06:45 what trends in wet shaving does Ken see?

08:25 what’s next for Ken?

09:00 Ken may be retiring soon, what’s his next “life phase?”

10:15 how often is Ken going to West Coast Shaving (and the proximity of wet shaving stores!)?

11:10 are there any shave issues Ken struggles with?

12:20 is Ken planning on being more active on social media?



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