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Interesting Shaving Links From August, 2018, And An Experiment!

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As usual here is my roundup of internet articles from August I found interesting!  Plus…an experiment.

Shave Like Grandad

Mild Adjustable Razor Options
New Razor, Fresh Enthusiasm

BrushnSoapnBlade Podcast

Ep 226 – A Blast from the Past
Ep 225 – My Brush Sprung a Leak!
Ep 224 – Trying to Get a Handshake Deal!

Classic Shaving Academy

Across The Grain Reexamined

Slant bar razors

Wegian Warrior

Trav-a-long Razor
Whiting-Adams Shaving Brushes
Old Gillette Ad
Old Safety Razor Ads

Save Your Shave

4 “New” Trends That Are Over A Century Old
Using Alum After Shaving

Grooming Essentials

How To Prevent Ingrown Hair: 11 Practical Tips

Tools Of Men

Should Men Moisturize?

Tailor And Barber

Clarins’ Mens Skincare

Wet Shaver Review

Truefitt & Hill In India


Please Don’t Grow An Effing Beard

The Experiment!

I have occasionally dabbled with posting my “Shave Of The Day” (SOTD) but it’s usually been on social media or in Sharpologist’s “portfolio” section.  But for the month of September I’m planning to post them on the main blog on weekdays that don’t have a regular article, to gauge traffic and reader response.
I plan to mix SOTD content with commentary on either the products I used, the techniques I shaved with, or maybe no commentary at all.  Then at the end of the month I’ll solicit your feedback to see whether it’s worth continuing.


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