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How To Shave Your Legs With A Double Edge Razor

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If you are someone who has extremely sensitive skin on the legs or cannot bear wax pain, it’s recommended to shift to shaving and use a double edge razor for a smooth and cut-free shave on your legs.

No matter if you are a teenager or an adult, double edge razors increase your safety and are also environmentally friendly. With DE razors, I can shave for months and dispose of the blade occasionally, which means less plastic thrown away.

This traditional method in earlier times was ditched by many, but today people again prefer razors over shavers and epilators. Most of them believe that razors give a smooth and clean appearance and are best to remove tiny hairs.

Seven Tips To Shave Your Legs With A Double Edge Razor

If you are new to shaving or using a double edge razor for the first time, you first need to prepare yourself because this experience will be different from past ones, and you’ll need to be more meticulous about the movements of your hands and legs.

After you are mentally prepared to jump the double edge clan, make sure to pursue the following guidelines for a smooth shave. If you obey these, I can pledge you a painless, easy, and neat shave, but if you overlook these points, the results might get unpleasant.

1. Choose Your Safety Razor Wisely

It is crucial to have a good razor for a perfect shave. Since women’s skin is sensitive and very supple, you must have a razor that is sharp yet absolute to provide a flawless trim. Today, most of the women worldwide use Billie and Gillette razors to shave their legs but these razors can bring dullness to your skin which can look awful with time.

Ideally, the razor you are choosing should be aggressive enough to promote an even shave but must also not exploit your natural tone. However, this problem can be prevented using a good shaving cream that is capable of forming enough lather.

After I switched to a double edge razor, I noticed how my itching problem while shaving has completely gone away. If you are also someone who faces itching and irritation frequently while shaving, please rethink your decision and shift to a double edge razor. With this shift, don’t forget to use good quality shaving cream and form soft peaks, apply this thick layer of lather to your legs and start shaving. Once all hair is down, wash carefully.

2. Prep Your Skin First

Coming back to my tips for a suave shave with a double edge razor, remember, it’s very important to prep your skin before shaving to avoid dryness that causes roughness, cuts, scratches, and scrapes to the skin.

Personally for me, my pre-shave routine includes ten minutes of exfoliating to soften the hair. I normally use charcoal exfoliating scrub or a good moisturizer, which also helps prevent post-shaving irritation.

3. Hold The Razor At 40° Angle From Your Skin

Shaving hair off your skin with a razor requires you to shave at the correct angle with the proper amount of pressure. However, with a double edge razor, make sure to hold the razor 30-40 degrees from the surface of your skin.

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This correct use of angle averts hair pulling and razor burns and helps towards a painless and easy shave. When I was new to double-edge razors, I found it challenging at first, but gradually, it got easy-going once I got used to it.

4. Make Sure The Blade Is Sharp

To get the best shave, you must get a razor that has sharp blades because if the edges of your razor are not sharp or are weak, you’ll have a terrible time removing your hairs.

Sharp blades also minimize itchiness and help shave safely without bumps and marks. If the blades of your razor are not sharp enough, the hair removal will get painful, and you’ll have to apply extra pressure, which can result in cuts and nicks.

Also, to save the blade from rust, I make sure to dry my razor right after use. Make sure you do the same. Never leave the blade of your razor wet, otherwise, I have noticed that water is the main culprit and It ruins all your blades. So be careful. 

5. Be Very Gentle

While shaving, please be kind to yourself and cut off lightly. Use your razor with light hands, and don’t apply too much pressure to your skin.

Move your hands gently and remove the hair smoothly. The milder your hand will move, the lesser will be the chances of any cuts and nicks.

6. Give Shaving Some Time, Don’t Rush

You mustn’t rush while shaving. Hastening can result in deep cuts and wounds; therefore, give shaving some time. While you are shaving, make sure to apply the right amount of soap or shaving cream, whatever suits you best, and form sufficient lather.

This moist will make the razor glide easily and won’t take much of your time. This will also make the after-shave feel painless and control the razor perfectly.

7. Be Careful Around Ankles And Knees

Girls, you need to be extra careful around knees, knuckles, and ankles because these areas are critical and can wound easily. Use a sharp blade, apply less pressure, and don’t forget to take care of angles.

To slide over lumpy ankles, I use extra shaving cream and shave slowly. When using a razor for the first time, there are chances of getting nicks, but when you use it often, you’ll soon get used to it. So no hurries, give yourself time and be watchful. We wish you nothing but happy shaving!

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