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How Aloe Vera Gel, Olive Oil And Tea Tree Oil Can Come To The Rescue Of Your Skin

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If you’re looking for natural remedies for your skin to fight sunburn, premature aging of the skin, acne, and a lot more problems faced by your skin, then Aloe Vera gel, Olive oil and Tea Tree oil are there to save your skin. Here are at some benefits of Aloe Vera gel, Olive oil, and Tea Tree oil.

3 Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel For Face And Skin

Aloe Vera is an herbal plant with medicinal properties and is sometimes represented as a wonder plant. Over the last few years, Aloe Vera has also been subject to different scientific researches for its reviving and healing properties. 

The three major benefits of Aloe Vera are:

  1. Protection from ultraviolet radiation: Aloe Vera can serve as a sunscreen defending the body from harmful emissions of the sun. There are numerous creams sold across the world confirming the fact.
  2. Acne reduction and anti-aging effect: due to the anti-inflammatory affect of Aloe Vera, it helps in dealing with acne. The use of Aloe Vera on the face helps the elasticity of the skin, reducing wrinkles. One of the major reasons for this exists in the plant’s special capability to build up the production of human fibroblast cells six to eight times more quickly than regular cell production.
  3. Shaving Cream Substitute: Aloe Vera gel can substitute for shaving cream in a pinch because it makes the beard soft and smooth and gives the appropriate amount of slide without leaving behind you prone to pesky shave bumps. Plus, shaving with Aloe Vera can serve you by steering free of skin irritation while together building up the production of new skin cells.

3 Surprising Benefits Of Olive Oil Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Olive oil is prepared by squeezing whole olives. It is familiar around the world as people mostly use this oil for cooking, but there are several other benefits of olive oil for the face and skin treatments.

  1. Olive oil as a moisturizer: Olive oil offers various skin benefits and is broadly utilized in makeup products to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. You can even directly apply raw olive oil as a moisturizer. It can help with sunburn and can reduce damage from tanning too, when utilized directly without fusing it with any other element. You can spread it over your sunburn and eliminate the access oil with help of a towel.
  2. Olive oil as a Face mask: there are many face masks made from olive oil. You can include turmeric to olive oil to build a compelling anti-inflammatory mask for your skin. Gently apply the mix onto your skin and allow it for 5-10 minutes before washing off with water. Olive oil’s vitamins increase cell development, allowing your skin to look happier and smoother. Olive oil face treatments are especially useful in dry, cold weather because olive oil can pass through the skin even better than fancy moisturizers. There are many face masks that are available in the market that are made up of olive oil.
  3. Olive Oil as a Face Scrub: too much olive oil and sugar may be unhealthy for your belly, but collectively they can be excellent for the skin! Sugar helps to flake off the dirt of your skin, while olive oil serves as a moisturizer. The oil will also benefit in lubricating your skin, and take care of the hard grains of the sugar.

3 Amazing Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil For Face And Skin

Tea Tree oil is prepared from the tea tree. We can use tea tree oil for face remedies such as acne, dry skin and you can even use it as an aftershave.

  1. Tea Tree Oil For Acne Treatment: Tea Tree oil can be a suitable alternative to deal with acne because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It calms redness, swelling, and irritation. It is also utilized to prevent and diminish acne scars, leaving you with gentle, clean skin.
  2. Tea Tree Oil As Aftershave: due to its antibacterial properties, Tea Tree oil can  be used as an aftershave. It closes pores of the skin which prevents dirt, bacteria and chemicals from getting in, which can eventually reduce razor bumps.
  3. Tea Tree Oil For Oily Skin: Tea Tree oil can help relieve dry skin by eliminating itching and discomfort. Also, it’s been proven to be better than zinc oxide and clobetasone butyrate lotions for treating eczema.


Utilizing Aloe Vera gel, Olive oil, and Tea Tree oil for skin can offer various advantages like treating certain skin conditions, including acne, itching, dry skin, oily skin and they also promote injury healing; they help our skin to stay healthier, brighter, smooth and young. You can use these oils on a daily basis as there are no side effects of these natural oils unless you’re allergic to one.

If you’re using any kind of oil and didn’t see any kind of results, consult with your doctor about it.

About the author: Sambhav Ajmera is a content creator. He’s always been enthusiastic about digital marketing and content creation. Currently, he’s working for two blogs, one of a beauty-fashion niche and the other one of a travel niche.

Sambhav Ajmera

Sambhav Ajmera