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Face Shaving For Women

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Despite all the weird things the world has gotten itself tangled up in, it’s awful to see the taken aback look on people’s faces at the slightest mention of face shaving among women.  What inspired us to probe into face shaving for women was a girls’ T-shirt we saw at CREORoom. The shirt had a thick big moustache imprinted on it and made us wonder why girls are amused with the idea of having a moustache but terrified of face shaving.


The concept is instantly met with raised eyebrows and jaw-drops. It’s declared ‘unnatural and foreign’ without any knowledge of the subject or weighing its pros and cons. At this point, we can play the blame game and accuse rampant terms like narrow mindedness, gender discrimination, and what not! But we won’t. Instead, we choose to educate, men and women alike, on the subject.

Face shave is the easiest and quickest means of removing facial baby hair. All you need is a razor, slanted and pivoted at the head. You may or may not use shaving creams; although, they do have soothing, anti-inflammatory, and skin-protecting agents which make the shave smoother and skin more nourished and glowing. Use one hand to pull up your skin at the cheekbones, and with the other, gently swipe the razor downwards. The razor should not be flat against your face, neither should it be held out straight against the face; hold it at an angle to your face. Always swipe it downwards and with a very light hand, you don’t want to cut yourself. Repeat this motion all over your jaw line, side burns, and forehead, anywhere the peach fuzz is thick. You will be fuzz-free and ready to flaunt your glowing skin in almost no time!

Before you read any further, nudge off the concept that face shaving is a men’s thing to do or that it will make your facial hair grow back thick and black. You will not start growing a beard; it is a rumored misconception! Shaving is just a means of getting rid of unwanted hair, be it for men or women, be it on arms or face. Only once you have freed yourself from parameters set by genders and society can you truly explore the many benefits face shaving entails for women.

Shaving Exfoliates Skin and Promotes Cellular Turnover

Shaving and dermaplaning both allow ample exfoliation as an added bonus to getting rid of unwanted facial hair. The razor sheds off layers of dead cells as it glides against your face and this promotes the new skin cells being produced by the body to surface at the top layer of skin. This process is known as ‘Cellular Turnover’ does happen naturally, but shaving speeds it up. Unlike scrubs, which simply move the dead skin layer around your face, shaving provides a fine and thorough exfoliation.

Skin exfoliation every two to three days is the main reason why men appear more graceful and their skin emanates a healthy glow as they age. An anti-aging regimen that requires no chemicals or laser treatments! Get in line, ladies!

Skin Products Show Better Results Post Shaving

Because your skin is much smoother and fresher right after shaving, it allows skin products to settle in and penetrate the skin better. Therefore, makeup applied right after shaving will look well blended and more natural. Same goes with sunscreens and moisturizers. They will penetrate the skin better and the results will last longer.

Shaving Rids You of Peach Fuzz/Baby Hairs

face shaving pic 2The ‘vellus hairs’, commonly known as peach fuzz or baby hairs, are short, fine, light-colored, and hardly noticeable thin hair that develop on most of a person’s body during childhood. On the face, these can make your complexion look lackluster. Unfortunately, not even laser treatments works on vellus hair; “Today’s, lasers do best with highly pigmented hairs that are easy to target, which means that an optimal laser patient is someone who has lighter skin and darker hair,” says Bank, the director of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery. Face Shaving to the rescue! You can easily remove vellus hair from even the tricky areas of the face, such as the jawline, under the ear, etc.

Least/No Irritation or Pain Incurring Hair Removal Process

You might have to go through the drill twice or thrice a week, but that’s all the downs to face shaving. Face wax and hair removal creams can leave your skin itchy, red, and inflamed; making your facial hair more obvious than ever *eye-roll*. Laser treatments are said to be a permanent solution to hair removal shenanigans, but they are expensive and painful as anything! Certainly not an option for the majority of us!

Face shaving comes in real handy if you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to ward off facial hair. We’re sure all you ladies must be on your way to grab a good razor and try out face shaving for yourself!
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