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The Essential List Of Shave Tips

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It’s just about time for the annual holiday gift giving ceremonies!  I like to review some fundamental shaving concepts and tips for those who get shaving-related gifts.  Yes I may be a day or so early but I want to give it time so that this article can show up in search engine queries.

Lots of water is essential for a great shave: water does the “heavy lifting” in the shaving process, whether it is cleaning the area before shaving, making a great lather, cutting efficiently, or maintaining good skin health afterward.  Doctors tell me that it can take up to three minutes to properly prepare the skin and beard for shaving.  Take the time to prepare and you may not need those weird oils, pastes, or scrubs that might do more harm than good if they react with your skin.  And shaving foams from a pressurized can?  The propellants displace water and the manufacturers then add artificial lubricants that at best do nothing and at worst can irritate the skin.

Consider that the beard will grow back.  The best you can do is to reduce the beard, so reduce carefully, in stages or passes, for the best-looking, longest-lasting results.

Take the time to understand how your beard grows and reacts.

Slow down! Don’t rush!

Don’t put any pressure on the razor (no matter what kind of razor you are using).  Using just enough pressure to keep the blade on the skin, keeping the skin’s surface flat, will result in both a clean cut and reduce the chance of irritation.

Like a golfer, shoot for par instead of hole-in-one for the whole course. If your shave is not giving you nicks, cuts, or irritation, and leaving you looking presentable, stick to it. Don’t try to go for that “baby’s butt smooth” feeling compulsively.

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