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Diversion: 14 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Passions This Spring

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Spring brings the perfect opportunity to shake off your winter doldrums! Get in tune with the all the new growth around you and make some positive changes in your life: try these 14 ways to rejuvenate your passions.

Rejuvenating Passions in Your Professional Life

  1. Reconnect with former colleagues. If you’re feeling more energetic now that the days are getting longer, use that time to look up people you’ve fallen out of touch with. Strengthen your network. Call up an old coworker to get together for lunch.

  2. Learn a new skill. Ask your human resources department about any training programs available in your workplace. Browse the online catalog from your local community college. Take a course on project management, workplace diplomacy, or negotiation skills.

  3. Brighten your office. Hang up new wall art or change your computer wallpaper to a new image.

  4. Switch to a standing desk. Improve your health and boost your energy levels. Stand up while you work. Studies show that you may add an average of three years to your life. Even a home office can benefit from a standing desk, and you can often find them used for next to nothing.

  5. Edit your resume. Give your resume the once over and be sure to add in your most recent accomplishments, particularly if they are quantifiable. You’ll feel more motivated and better prepared for your next job search or performance evaluation.

  6. Be kind to your coworkers. Helping others is often the most effective path to happiness. Offer praise generously (when you can be genuine about it). Pitch in when you see a coworker struggling with their workload.

Rejuvenating Passions in Your Personal Life

  1. Volunteer. Share your high spirits with others in need in your community. Spend a weekend afternoon doing something like sorting cans at a neighborhood food bank.

  2. Exercise outdoors. Take a break from the indoor gym. Look for outdoor tai chi or yoga classes. Join a softball league or play volleyball on the beach. If nothing else, try going out for a brisk walk for 20-30 minutes.

  3. Update your look. When you look better, you feel better. Try treating yourself to a shave from a spa barbershop. If money is tight, give yourself a really leisurely traditional shave with products you normally don’t use (or have time for).

  4. Tend to a garden. Gardening is good for your body and mind. Mow the lawn and prune trees and shrubs that may have been damaged over the winter. Get your flower beds ready.

  5. Banish clutter. Use spring cleaning as an opportunity to discard things you rarely use and give yourself more breathing room. List them for sale online or donate them to a charity shop. PIF away your shaving items you rarely/never use to someone who might like them.

  6. See your partner in new light by going out to dinner with another couple on a double date. You’ll have fun and discover new ways of interacting. If you’re between relationships, organize a group activity where you can meet new people with less pressure than on a conventional date.

  7. Unleash your creativity. Make time for creative pursuits. Build a birdhouse. Visit an art museum and engage with the works. Visit an art supply store for new ideas for craft time with your kids.

  8. Indulge in spring vegetables and fruit. Seasonal produce is one of the greatest pleasures of spring. Whip up a parfait of mixed berries, granola and yogurt. Saute asparagus in garlic and butter. Bake a rhubarb tart for dessert or toss chopped rhubarb with raisins and walnuts for an easy salad.

Summing Up

As the temperatures get milder and flowers pop up everywhere, feel your hopes soar. The spring season is the perfect time to welcome more passion into every aspect of your life.

About The Author: Otto Wright is a budding author and traditional wet shaver.

Otto Wright

Otto Wright

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