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Cobra Razors CR1000 Head/Face Razor

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cobra razors cr1000
Sharpologist has covered head shaving before so I thought Cobra Razor’s CR1000 might be interesting to look at as well.  It has a unique pivoted “tail” handle that can be set one way to shave the head, and the other way to shave the face.

The CR1000 Package

The CR1000 package contains:

  • Razor
  • Four blade cartridge
  • Six blade cartridge
  • Razor holder
  • Sample sizes of a branded shave gel and aftershave
  • Instruction sheet

The razor itself is the most interesting aspect of the package.  The business end is a fairly typical multi-blade pivot cartridge design.  But the handle is “dual mode.”  With the handle “tail” folded up it is designed to have a finger under the tail for a head-shaving grip:
cr1000 head mode
With the handle “tail” extended the hold is suitable for shaving the face:
The tail locks in place in each end of it’s travel.  A small button on the handle releases the lock.  The razor is very light and made primarily out of plastic.

The Shave(s)

cr1000 held face
I used the razor in the “face” configuration.  Perhaps because I’m used to a non-pivoting razor I found the grip to be fine but the angle I held the handle at did not lend itself to the full travel of the head pivot.  When I got to an area like under my jawline the pivot couldn’t go any further and I had to adjust my hold to an unusual (for me) angle.  However, the shaves themselves–while “not my cup of tea”–were perfectly acceptable.  The shave gel and aftershave samples that were included performed reasonably well but again, “not my cup of tea.”
cr1000 held head
I gave the razor to a friend who shaves his head and he said he rather liked the way the razor performed.  He found the four blade cartridge preferable to the six blade, but he said it was a personal preference.  From a technique point of view he said it behaved in a similar manner to the Headblade ATX (which Sharpologist has written about before) but smaller.  He said the Cobra CR1000 would be good for travel.


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