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Blades Grim Shave Scents Kit Kickstarter

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bc2e6b4c00e1e487d728f94c7b133639_originalThe Blades Grim has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their Shave Scents “Alchemy” kit, where you can mix-and-match scent oils with their (unscented) shaving soap to create your own scent profiles.  I was lucky enough to get a pre-production sample to indulge my inner mad scientist.

Shaving Alchemy

Along with a puck of their unscented soap and an inexpensive brush I got a set of 12 scents in the kit:

  • Smolder – “a warm and toasty accord of creamy camphorous notes, subtle hints of citrus and a masculine gourmand base.”
  • Cinder – “bergamot, lemon, fir, and geranium with a hint of wood, leather, and musk”
  • C4 – “a blended citrus infusion (Lime, Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit) with a hint of sweet spice.”
  • Vanilla – vanilla
  • Mahogany – oak and leather
  • 6th Sense – “a light vanilla with lavender”
  • Bay Rum – bay rum
  • Sandalwood – sandalwood
  • Tobacco – pipe tobacco
  • Hot Chocolate – chocolate
  • Toxxxic – “A salty mariner, grass stain, lettuce, sea moss, and sweet grass”
  • Vanilla Ice – vanilla & menthol

More scents are in the planning stages.  The idea here is to be able to add a scent to an otherwise unscented shave lather.  Want a mild scent? Add just a drop from the bottle.  Want a stronger scent? Add a few more drops.  The actual mixing process takes place when you lather in a mug/scuttle or on the brush itself (you wouldn’t want to put a drop directly on the soap puck because that might leave a scent behind after use and possibly confuse you on the next use).

Mad Scientist Mixing and Matching

Maniac9The cool thing is you can also combine scents to make up a completely different profile.  Blades Grim suggested a few “recipes” like Cinder and Vanilla (for “Cindernilla” 🙂 ) or Smolder and Bay Rum.  I combined Smolder, Hot Chocolate, and Vanilla Ice to make a hot fudge sundae shave lather!
Blades Grim may be opening up a whole new segment for wet shaving artisans with their Alchemist set.  I’ll be keeping an eye on the Kickstarter closely while I continue to experiment with the kit.  Stay tuned!


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