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Big Shave East Reminder

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Today is the last day to enter the giveaway for the Big Shave East giveaway.  Even if you don’t win, now is the time to make arrangements to attend!

Sharpologist and Big Shave East are teaming up to offer a special giveaway for the event:

  • One Free Night at the Universal Palms Hotel
  • REX Ambassador Razor
  • Other travel goodies (Scuttle, Brush, etc)

Deadline to enter is Midnight (UTC) tonight!

Is A Shaving Meet Up Worth Traveling To?

The Crowd Gathers

I have been to a number of large shaving-related meet-ups, including “The Great Shave” sponsored by Merz Apothecary ( in 2011 and 2012, Maggard Razor’s meet-ups of 2016 and 2017 (and I will be there again this year!), and the last Big Shave West.  A number of smaller events, too.
They’ve all been a ton of fun.
From the product perspective, you get to “sniff before you buy,” get a crack at just-launched products (and sometimes get a peak at soon-to-be-announced products), buy products at a sale price, etc.  There is also usually a PIF/swap table, too!
And from the “camaraderie” perspective, you get to meet a lot of fellow-minded wet shavers.  Lots of war stories, mutual advice and help, and general fellowship.
So, if you have the means, I heartily recommend attending a large shave meet-up!


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