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8 Winter Skincare Tips Every Man Should Take Heed Of [Sponsored]

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Winter is upon us and for many people that means scaly, itchy, hairy skin. While it would be nice to have dewy skin that doesn’t give way to the harsh effects of the season, the truth is that the high winds and icy cold temperatures do more harm than good. The solution? Find a winter skincare regimen that works and stick with it throughout the entire season. Below are a few tricks you might add to your skincare routine over the next few months.

1. Reduce the Appearance of Hair Bumps

Are you known to have extra dry skin on certain parts of the body? If so, then you’re going to want to check the ingredients on your lotion. Investing in a lotion that has salicylic acid can be beneficial to your skin in the winter. All you have to do is smooth it onto the skin as the lotion exfoliates the dead skin cells near your hair follicles. This in turn reduces the appearance of hair bumps.

2. Keep Unwanted Hair at Bay

Am I the only guy who feels like wolverine during the winter? It seems like the hair on my arms, chest, and back multiplies overnight. Keeping it to a minimum can be rough and time consuming to say the least. Instead of using the old razor and shaving cream, there’s a new trend called sugar hair removal. Comprised of all natural ingredients, a sugar wax kit goes on smooth and removes all unwanted hair in just a few minutes. While you may have thought of waxing as a woman’s hair removal process, it actually works well for guys too and keeps you looking smooth all year long.

3. Use Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

The winter is also prime time for cold and flu. As everyone is trying to avoid it, using hand sanitizers is a pretty common practice. The only problem with alcohol based sanitizers is that they strip your hands of moisture leaving them dry. Alcohol-free sanitizer on the other hand removes the germs and bacteria while leaving the moisture.

4. Wear Gloves to Lock in the Moisture

Gloves act as an occlusive barrier. This essentially means that they can aid in keeping the moisture locked into the skin. After you’ve applied lotion to your hands, try leaving on a pair of gloves for a while to allow the moisturizer to soak into those extra dry hands. If you need to lock in the moisture in your feet as well, putting on a pair of socks after putting on lotion will have the same effects as gloves.

5. Milk Baths for Scaly Skin

If you’re dealing with extra scaly skin, taking a milk bath could resolve the matter. Milk has natural properties that make it a powerful moisturizer and a great exfoliant. Soaking in a bath of milk for about 30 minutes should minimize the appearance of scaly skin and help lock in your natural moisture.

6. Sunscreen is a Must

It’s pretty common for a person to assume that once the summer is over that sunscreen is not necessary. However, the fact remains that the sun is out all year long. Though the heat of the sun cannot be felt as strong in the winter as it can in the summer, the rays can still be damaging to the skin. Utilizing creams and moisturizers with SPF 30 is recommended all year long to prevent skin cancer or other damage to the skin.

7. Keep Showers Short and to the Point

When you’re out in the freezing cold, one of the first ways you think of to warm up is by taking a nice, long, hot shower or bath. As delightful as that might sound, the truth is that long hot showers or baths can actually strip your skin of its natural moisture. It is recommended that you take warm short showers lasting about 5-10 minutes and bathe for no longer than about 20 minutes to prevent harming the skin.

8. Wear Comfy PJs

If you have sensitive skin or suffer from skin conditions like eczema, you’re going to want to watch the type of sleepwear and bedding you choose. Natural fabrics like cotton allow the skin to breathe and present little irritation compared to some other synthetic fabric choices.
Winter is no doubt one of the harshest seasons when it comes to the skin. As long as you remember to moisturize often and follow routines to lock in that moisture, your skin will not feel the damaging effects. Give each of the above mentioned tips a try and see if you don’t notice a different in the look and feel of your skin, more importantly, you’ll notice a difference in how attractive you appear to the ladies.
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