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5 Ways To Get Cologne Smell Out Of Clothes Fast

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For the adult body, cologne is an important item to have. As part of your grooming, applying cologne forms an important part of your daily routine. A good fragrance not only improves your smell but is also known to significantly boost confidence. So on your way to work or a date, why not put some on?!

Yet, as much as colognes can be a lifesaver, they can also be very annoying – especially to our garments. Ever smelled that after scent on your clothing at the end of a long day when you are getting ready to change in your lounging clothes? And worse though, stronger scents can even survive a wash, leaving that after scent for the next time you wear the clothes.

As strong as they may be, the good news is that you can now easily get the cologne smell out of your clothes and you can do it fast. Here are five common and easy ways to get cologne smell out of clothes.

Hang Clothes In The Outdoors

This is perhaps the easiest method of eliminating cologne smell from your clothes. Whether you leave it during the day or at night, the ample circulating air will effectively whisk off the lingering smell of your cologne.  The UV light from the sun also throws in some magic to help expedite the process.  However, beware of the morning dew, if you are in a hurry.

Lemon Juice Pre-Wash

Lemon juice is a natural odor-fighting agent. Some communities are even known to rubbing lemon wedges under their armpits to fight odor from perspiration. Therefore, pre-washing your clothes with lemon juice prevents the cologne scent from sticking to your clothing.

Lay the clothes outdoors under direct sunlight, to ensure the lemon scents are absorbed to fight off the cologne smells. To effectively pre-wash our clothes, follow the steps below:

  • Mix 1 part lemon and 1 part water in a spray bottle
  • Spray throughout your clothes, focusing on areas prone to absorb the smells
  • Let your clothes sit for about 30 to 40 minutes
  • Proceed with the regular wash with a detergent in the washer
  • To allow for a more subtle wash, add a cup of baking soda to the washer when you add the laundry detergent.

Vinegar Wash

Vinegar is very efficient at absorbing scents. Thus, even if your cologne scent is strong, this shouldn’t  be a problem. Vinegar, an effective scent absorbent can be added during the beginning of the washing process or during the rinsing stage.

To add it during the rinsing stage, begin with the normal washing. Add the clothes, detergent and set the wash. Midway through, pause the washing and add ½ to a whole cup of vinegar, depending on the size of your laundry, then proceed with washing.

And if you want to use it during the beginning of the washing process, you can do so by adding it before you the washer starts. Yet, substances such as sweat tend to react with vinegar, consequently, causing a different and unpleasant outcome.

To use it at the beginning, you must ensure the clothes are dry to the armpit areas or the ends of your blouse cuffs. Add a cup of vinegar and detergent and continue with regular washing. You may also choose to wash with only vinegar acting as the detergent.

Once done, immediately hang dry under sunlight or toss in the dryer. It is important to ensure the load is fully dry to prevent any dampness or musty smells.

Use A Powerful Detergent And Booster

Opt for laundry detergents with powerful natural scents or additives. A lemon or lime-based detergent is an excellent solution. You can also use laundry detergent boosters that are natural. Opting for this process also allows you to improve the integrity of your clothing the natural way. You will boast both freshness and the look, making them look newer and cleaner.

Add a cup of detergent and smaller amounts of detergent boosters such as fabric refreshers and baking soda. Then, wash like colors with warm water. Laundry detergent performs at its optimal level at about 40 degrees Celsius. Thus, using warmer water allows for it to unleash its full power.

As the lemon base effectively infuses into the fabrics, so does the boosters to eventually help fight the lingering smell of your cologne. To add even more power, hang the clothes outside on a sunny day.

Add A Scent Sucker

Eliminating cologne smells from clothes may not always be easy, especially for dry clean only clothes. Because you cannot hand wash or toss them into a washer, pre-washing is certainly not an option. Yet, you can use the very special scent suckers to help eliminate the cologne smells.

To do so, leave them hanging out in the outdoors for at least 24 hours. And if you still smell the lingering scent, then, go proceed with the next step. Line pieces of newspaper or a small box with baking soda at the bottom of an enclosed location such as a drawer in your dresser or your wardrobe. Then place the clothes inside and leave them for 48 to 72 hours. The natural scent absorption of the newspapers or baking soda will neutralize the smell.

All and all, no one hates the scent of their cologne. However, prolonged linger scents on your clothing can be off-putting and quite unsanitary. Thus, it is only fair that you take the necessary precautions to prevent this. However, even with the listed cologne smell eliminating methods, special attention must be observed. Not all fabrics work the same.

While lemon juice may work great for darker fabrics, you must prevent prolonged use with lighter ones.  Yet, the use of natural agents to remove cologne smells is the best method as it comes with perks. The natural methods not only remove lingering smells but also help to leave the clothing fabric fresher and cleaner.


About the author:

Richard Kennedy is the manager of Copycat Fragrances is an ethical company, their products completely vegan, and it won’t damage any of your clothes.

Richard Kennedy

Richard Kennedy