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Grooming 101 – 5 Tips For Men On Avoiding Early Onset Wrinkles

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No matter how well you care for yourself and how invested you are in your health, sooner or later you will start to show signs of aging. It’s inevitable – and, to be frank, it’s not a bad thing. Everyone ages.  Regardless, I know that it’s not easy to see wrinkles start to sprout across your skin, especially if they happen to appear earlier than you were expecting. Luckily enough, there are some great, easy tips that can help you avoid or limit early onset wrinkles without too much effort.

1. Use Sunscreen

Too many people overlook the importance of sunscreen in their lives and only apply it when they feel as though they’re going to be spending a lot of time in the sub. While it’s always a good idea to use enough sunscreen when you know you’ll be spending hours outdoors, it’s equally important to use sunscreen every day. That includes the days you spend indoors. Sun exposure is a huge contributor to wrinkles and even the rays through your windows in your car can harm your skin.

2. Avoid Harsh Soap

Do you have a dedicated facial wash, or do you tend to rely on whatever soap you’re using in the shower? It’s important to use a soap specifically formulated for your facial skin to cleanse. Soap that might be fine elsewhere can dehydrate your skin and make it look rough and dry. This can lead to early onset wrinkles. Invest in a good cleanser and keep your skin moisturized.

3. Invest in a Moisturizer

I mentioned in the last tip that you should keep your face moisturized, but it’s important enough to merit its own tip. Don’t ignore your face! If you’re hoping to avoid wrinkles, you need to invest in a quality moisturizer that keeps your skin in good shape. Avoid anything too harshly scented and go for a simple ingredients list.

4. Change How You Sleep

Did you know that sometimes the way you sleep can influence your skin? This is true on a few different levels. Firstly, making sure you’re getting enough quality sleep each night is vital to the health of your skin. But your sleeping position matters, too. Sleeping on your side is the most common sleeping position, but it could be harming your skin as half of your face is shoved in the pillow. Stomach sleeping is even worse. Switch to your back to protect your skin and do your best to keep up with your quality rest.

5. Stop Smoking

Are you a smoker? If you’re hoping to delay the onset of wrinkles, the answer should be a firm “no”. Smoking is a big contributor to facial wrinkles, with research showing that people who smoke tend to have more wrinkles than people who don’t. Smoking can be a difficult habit to kick, of course, but it’s a process you should consider if you’re serious about staving off wrinkles for as long as possible.

If you’re starting to age, don’t panic – there are things you can do to help reduce or avoid the appearance of early onset wrinkles. Follow the tips above, take care of your skin, and you’re sure to look great.

Laurie Larson is a freelance writer based in NC. She writes on home, health, and lifestyle topics to help others live happier and healthier lives.

Lauri Larson

Lauri Larson