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5 Reasons Why Millennials Need To Bring Back The Art Of Shaving

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Trends come and go, it’s an integral part of fashion and life in general. For some, like perms and all-jeans outfits (yikes!), we are happy that they’re gone. However, there is one ancient trend that millennials should definitely bring back. We’re talking about the art of shaving.

Sure, everyone still shaves, but people stopped caring about it like they once did. Before, having a beard and treating it was seen as an ancient art form that passed down from father to son, from one man to another.

Shaving was much more than a trend and here are five reasons we need it back!

1. It’s a father and son bonding experience

When every boy reaches puberty, he has a myriad of significant events before him. One that stands above all others is that dramatic morning when he realizes that his whiskers are getting too big. It’s shaving time. In many cultures, shaving off your mustache for the first time has a cultural significance. It was a rite of passage, when a boy becomes a man.

And who better to accompany the boy on the path to manhood than his father? Fathers used to spend hours with their sons, teaching them all about the ins and outs of having a stylish and impressive beard.

There is something in that old school butterfly razor that makes a boy listen to his father. As the risk of cutting himself is bigger, the boy had no choice but to listen to every word his dad says.

I can still remember the day my brother shaved for the first time. It was so weird of an almost-teenager to actually approach his dad for advice. My father laughed and spent the whole afternoon teaching him about shaving.

When I looked at them during that day, I realized how healthy relationships form. Shaving is bonding and it’s one young person asking the advice of an older one.

2. The ritual significance

Most men have learned to despise the art of shaving. Whenever my husband wakes up in the morning, he literally crawls to the bathroom. Most times, he doesn’t pay too much attention to trimming or taking care of his beard. He just removes it.

As he takes his five-blade, futuristic razor, all it takes are several seconds, and the entire beard is gone.

While I can understand the convenience, but a little bit more effort can make a man so much more attractive. Taking care of your beard is a sign that you can take care of a woman, too.

Sure, you may look tidy and fresh, but what happened to the once glorious ritual of shaving? It is reduced to a mere morning routine, without even caring about the details

Millennials need to bring back the art of shaving because it was once a ritual, a social aspect many people valued greatly.

You had guys planning a trip to an old-school barbershop, waiting in line and talking about various subjects. They were close friends with the barber, as they were regulars. A barber shop was a place people spent large amounts at, just to have that tidy and stylish beard.

People used to have a drink at a barbershop, socializing with each other and enjoying a fun day. As the art of shaving is nearly dead, people have drifted apart.

3. It makes you different

How many people with styled beards you see nowadays? Nobody knows the exact number, but one thing is for sure – there are far  people cleanly shaven.

Everyone looks the same, and they don’t even care how to shave the good old way. Just the other day, I counted 11 of my male colleagues completely shaven or with a small goatee. They all looked the same! Where is the effort?They just swipe with their hand a few times and ta-da – the bear is gone. This lack of effort makes everyone feel identical.

Bringing back the art of shaving means that millennials care about being unconventional. In today’s world full of different trends, ideas, and looks, it’s important to be different and to stand out. Approaching shaving the old-school way, being taught by your dad, is something special. It teaches you who you are.

4. The art of shaving leaves an impression

“When I had my first day at my current job, I woke up in the morning with a bit of an overgrown beard. Instinctively, I wanted to shave it cleanly off and pick an outfit that will leave a lasting impression”, says Michael Scott, who works as a part of a team of essay writers for an online service.

He adds, “All of a sudden, I remembered I still had my dad’s old butterfly razor! For an hour, I meticulously styled my beard to follow my jawline. When I arrived at work, at least five of my coworkers complimented my beard.”

Before, when people shave the old-school way, the art of shaving was the line that separated man from boy. Men who took care of their beard were seen as more responsible and more professional. Taking care of yourself is a clear indication that you’re mature enough to succeed in other facets of life.

5. It teaches responsibility

Shaving the old-school way doesn’t just leave an impression or creates a bond between you and your dad. Instead, it teaches you how to take care of yourself like a man.

Through numerous cuts and hideously looking stubs, kids learned through mistakes. If they shaved recklessly, they would be responsible for their own cut face.

This motivated all the boys to take better care of themselves. Instead of just shaving, this transferred to other things such as studying, earning money and behaving towards the opposite sex.

A simple activity was just seemingly simple. Old-school shaving was the first time a boy was responsible for himself.

Concluding thoughts

Millennials change trends unlike any generation that we’ve seen before. Maybe going back to the art of shaving will have a more positive effect on people. Taking care of your beard can reflect on other facets of life, too.

About the author:

Alexandra Reay is an editor and professional writer at Assignment Geek. She is also a regular contributor to UK Best Essays. Alexandra is fond of horse-riding, reading and rock music. Alexandra keeps her spirit in writing fluent articles as well.

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