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10 Shaving tips for Athletes

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Have you ever spotted a cyclist with hairy legs? For them, shaving is a bit of mandatory practice. Other athletes too try their hands at shaving, like swimmers to feel less drag. Whatever be the reason, shaving gives an edge by making it easier to bandage in case of an injury or massage in case of strain besides enhancing the performance of an athlete. But are they all doing it right? Maybe some, but not all. Here is what athletes need to do.

#1 Buy a new razor of  a good quality, preferably a twin bladed or single-baded razor. Don’t use a dull razor or a disposable razor. You wouldn’t want to get unnecessary nicks and cuts which open up your skin and invite infections during the sporting event.

#2 If you have thick hair growth, then a hot water shower is highly recommended. You may  also immerse your body in a bath tub full of hot water before removing hair.  This makes hair soft and easier for you to remove them without getting cuts and nicks again for the same reason mentioned above.

#3 Shave a day before the main event. One, it saves time on the event day and second, it gives you time to heal any superficial injuries if received during shaving.

#4 While shaving hair from the legs, make sure you move the blades in the direction of hair growth. This will not only make removal easier but will also make legs look smoother. Use a lubricating gel if required, but make sure it is free of alcohol. You wouldn’t want to turn your skin dry.

#5 I would suggest you not to remove chest hair if there aren’t many: after all it is considered manly. But if you have a carpet of hair, trim them first and then use a razor over them.

#6 Similarly, if you wish to remove hair on your back, don’t try to do it all by yourselves. Take somebody’s help. It is better done by others than by yourselves.

#7 Hold your skin tightly. A loose skin is prone to cuts. Remove hair gently with very little pressure on the blades. Avoid too much of friction between the razor and the skin. The best way of using a razor is holding it at an angle of 30-45 degrees, neither parallel nor perpendicular to the skin surface.

#8 Remove finer hair first. Start with abdomen. Its gets done quickly and gives you the confidence to move on to the coarser, thicker hair growth on other parts of the body

#9 Post hair removal, use defense tea tree healing salve on the body. An antiseptic treatment like this will protect skin from infections that may originate due to cuts. An athlete needs it the most. Or, use cold water. It soothes skin, closes the pores and tightens the skin.

#10 Do exfoliate your hair before shaving it the next time to prevent ingrown hair issue.

These are the best shaving tips for athletes. Follow them and enjoy your sport.

Author Bio:
Evie Dawson is a fitness coach and health writer based in Boston, MA. Her passion is to encourage others to rediscover their lifestyle and get inspired for organic living.

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