Debunking–Or Not–6 Skincare Myths


Some myths are older than our great grandmothers and some seem to have arisen from new technology and skincare products. Whatever the origin, they can derail our best intentions when it comes to taking optimal care of our skin. We asked La Jolla, California dermatologist Dr. Susan Stuart to  confirm or debunk skincare myths.

Fall fragrance sampler

cade lacoste juniper

Yes, I’m running out of space for great colognes in my bathroom. And no, I can’t really turn down an opportunity to sample a new one. Here are the new scents I’m wearing this fall

Mustache Cups, Bucardo, And Movember

mustache cup

  The Bucardo mustache cup is a drinking cup with a ledge. The ledge has an opening to allow the passage of liquids and serves as a guard to keep mustaches dry.

Wax vs Pomade vs Gel – What’s The Difference?


Many men are giving the lady in their life a serious run for her money when it comes to putting in the effort to look their very best at all times and the extensive range of men’s grooming products on the market is a testament to that. It’s a fact that many men now spend often relatively large amounts of their hard earned cash on various forms of ‘male cosmetics’ and the like, however that which seems to capture the most attention in the men’s market is hair styling products. No one wants to have a bad hair day; that’s…

Moustache’s – Abridged Movember Edition

kaiser moustache

[Note from mantic59: Sharpologist asked our go-to guy for facial hair, Douglas Smythe from How To Grow A Moustache, for a primer on growing that Movember ‘stache.] Chances are by now you know pretty well what Movember is all about, so I shall refrain from breaking it down for you. If you are one of the very few left on the planet that hasn’t an inkling what Movember is please check out the short article “What is Movember”. After you are brought up to speed meet us back here to continue!