Why Understanding Your Skin’s Biology Can Help You Improve Its Look


Most people have a vague idea of what’s good and bad for our skin, but since we don’t  understand the biology involved, we either do nothing or the wrong things, says skin-care expert Ron Cummings.

First Signs Of Rosacea


Although the progression of rosacea can vary substantially from one individual to another, flushing and persistent redness are by far the most common early signs of the disorder, according to a new survey conducted by the National Rosacea Society.  In the survey of 1,072 rosacea patients on the order of appearance of rosacea signs and symptoms, 31 percent said that flushing was the first symptom they experienced, and 63 percent said it was the second. Meanwhile, 24 percent reported that persistent redness was their first sign of rosacea, while it was named second by 34 percent and third by 39…

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How To Decode The Ingredient List On Your Skin Care Products


With all of the complex ingredients listed on skin careproducts today, one often feels they have to be a chemist to know what we’re putting on our skin. The key is in cracking the ingredients list, a feat often easier said than done. These lists can be difficult to decipher – what with the rolling microscopic text, the long chemical names and, of course, the Latin! In some cases ingredients lists are intentionally off-putting. Dr. Michael Tick is a Naples, Florida biochemist, laboratory director for The Institute for Skin Sciences and founder of Edimi, a line of natural skincare and…