Beatle Beards

The Beatles in January 1967

Twice now I’ve mentioned the Beatles in connection with shaving — George Harrison’s impromptu tutorial in A Hard Day’s Night is not only one of the funniest shaving scenes ever, but it also contains a sage bit of advice I’d pass along to anyone, be he a veteran wet shaver, a nervous public speaker or an inexperienced teenage kid out on his very first date: “Put your tongue away.  It looks disgusting hanging out all pink and naked.  And one slip of the razor and—!” Now you know why they called him “the Quiet Beatle.”

Shaving In Hollywood: 10 Memorable Scenes

If you think this scene was about shaving, you weren't paying attention.

[Note from Mantic59: Last month’s post about shaving in the movies got such a positive reaction from readers that I have asked John from A Mythical Monkey Writes About The Movies to write more on the subject.] Let me just say right off the bat that shaving in the movies is never really about shaving.  As I mentioned last month (here), if you’re lucky, a movie such as Wrestling Ernest Hemingway or Barbershop at least talks about the why of shaving if not the how—showing that a hot towel, good lather and a sharp blade is as much about self-respect as it is about…

Shaving In Hollywood: You Can Learn A Lot About Shaving From The Movies (Some Of It Even Useful)

George Harrison teaches John Junkin how to shave in A Hard Day's Night.

More than maybe any other activity we do on a nearly daily basis, shaving is a skill we have primarily learned from watching others—fathers and brothers, usually. But if the images we routinely see on television and in the movies are any indication, nobody really knows what they’re doing.