Moustache’s – Abridged Movember Edition

kaiser moustache

[Note from mantic59: Sharpologist asked our go-to guy for facial hair, Douglas Smythe from How To Grow A Moustache, for a primer on growing that Movember ‘stache.]

Chances are by now you know pretty well what Movember is all about, so I shall refrain from breaking it down for you. If you are one of the very few left on the planet that hasn’t an inkling what Movember is please check out the short article “What is Movember”. After you are brought up to speed meet us back here to continue!

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Douglas Smythe Reviews RazoRock XX

razorock xx

Well, the day began like any other day. I arrived at the HTGAM compound and noticed the mail had already been fetched. Walking up the stairs I could hear a commotion – Already? Upon putting my key in the door everything fell to a sudden, deliberate hush. I could hear a rustling of papers and frantic whispers. I jumped into the room in mock Kung-Fu fashion. That usually put a smile on everybody’s face…but not today. The crew seemed nervous and acting quite suspicious, and that’s when I noticed a white dot of a cream like substance on the tip of the new guy Bobby’s nose…busted.

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Confessions Of A Shower Shaver

I must confess, I am a shower shaver. I have been shaving in the shower for the last 15 years, and loving it. Despite what anyone may say or think, I believe a shower and a shave to be the perfect marriage.

The steam created and contained in the shower is exactly what the barber is trying to recreate when he lays a hot, steamed towel on your face. However, when the towel is removed, the sudden change in temperature causes the skin to brace slightly and tighten. A similar thing happens when you hop from the shower to the sink for your daily shave. In the shower, the conditions could not be more culminating for achieving a close shave, and the clean-up couldn’t be any more effortless.

In this short article I will look at all the arguments against this practice and hopefully show you how weak they really are. I will also give you an inside peek at my shower shaving station set-up, which I have been tweaking and tricking out for the last 10 years. Hopefully, I may win a few converts by the end of this.

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A Father's Day Gift

This Father’s Day maybe consider passing on the knowledge of the wet shave to your son. Learning how to shave from dear old dad was once a coming of age rite that has been lost or eclipsed by all the instantly accessible articles on Wikipedia, or YouTube tutorials that are a soulless keystroke away. The time is ripe to take back what was robbed from our culture when we stopped paying attention to the little, simpler things. I encourage you to make this coming Day of the Dad memorable and a chance to pass on something to the little man in your life that he will always use and forever remember…a Father’s Day Gift.

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