An Interesting Use For Canned Barbasol


Eric writes:  So I finally gave in and ordered a tube of Proraso cream on Amazon.  However, while I was waiting for it to arrive, I sadly learned a couple days ago that I was just running out of the little travel-sized can of shaving gel that I was using.  And worse, I found this out this mid-shave!

An Idea

It was then that I had an idea to get me through that shave: I grabbed my squeeze-bottle of body wash from the shower, and added a drop of the stuff into the small amount of canned lather that I had in my cup. Then I mixed them together with my brush — and discovered an amazing super-lather!

The soap creates a real lather that retains a lot of water, and the canned shaving foam provides the conditioners and enough extra mass that will keep the lather from simply breaking up.  Thus, each component is making up for what the other lacks. The result is both thick and watery– it goes onto the face and stays there, and provides plenty of moisture for both hair and skin.

I then discovered another can of Barbasol that was lying around, and I have since repeated the process: just a small clump of canned shaving foam, plus a drop of body wash, and mix with the brush. This stuff is incredible.

If you happen to have any canned stuff lying around your house, you might want to give this a try. At the very least, this idea certainly provides a great answer for people who are switching over to old shaving creams or soaps, but they also want to use up their canned products without wasting anything.

My Amazon just arrived today day, and I will certainly use the Proraso.  But depending on how that works for me, in the future I might just also use the Barbasol+Body Wash super-lather.  It certainly is cost-effective — and at the very least, I too should polish off that remaining Barbasol can.

If you have a can of canned shave cream still lying around give this idea a try and report back here!

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  1. Larry says

    You’ve re-invented the “super lather”! I use both shaving soap and cream because I am out to get the best shave I can and that works best for me. YMMV

  2. Scott says

    I too use a combination approach – HTGAM soap + Taylor cream. However, since switching from aerosol to creams & soaps, my skin is much happier. No more breakouts – anywhere on my face – not just where I shave. I truly believe that the propellants used in a lot of canned products are the source of irritation for a lot of guys. My GF has even switched to a brush & soap for shaving her legs and now has zero irritation or bumps like she got with propellant creams.

  3. The Dean says

    I used to use leftover canned cream as a pre-lather to soften my beard/skin. If is also fine to use as the cream you use before you lay a hot towel over your face- (with the lather still on) another pre-lather routine.

    Of course, if the cream is of particularly low quality, or if you are like Scott and the propellants bother your face, you’d be best off passing the leftover canned stuff on to someone else or dumping it altogether.

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