Razolution: A Double, Double-Edge Razor?

razolution razor

Marty Van Der Hagen recently sent me a “Razolution” razor to evaluate.  After looking at it closely it took a couple days for me to work up the courage to try it. It has a ton of blade exposure, making it an aggressive razor. I also had to be careful with how I inserted the blades so they were evenly aligned. It bends the blades so much that I had to hold the razor handle almost parallel to the skin. The handle itself grips very well (I doubt this will slip out of someone’s hand easily). It is well-constructed out of good materials.

Razolution a “Hysteresis” Razor?

I will have to find a way to look at the gap between the blades more closely to be sure but I don’t think it is close enough to follow Gillette’s “hysteresis” model of multi-blade cartridge razors.

The shave felt close due to the amount of blade exposure (blades exposure? Blade’s exposures?) but inconsistent because the angle you have to hold the razor at to get a proper blade angle is very narrow: I have to hold the razor juuuuuust so. Shaving areas that weren’t completely flat (like around corners) often resulted in less-than-ideal results for me.

Based on a couple of shaves this razor came off as an attempt to combine two disparate technologies.  I doubt Marty will be carrying this razor.

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  1. Fab says

    I like it.
    I don’t know but looking at the price I think I may just get one. I’m not afraid and cuts heal eventually. I don’t think it too much money if it really turns out to be a cheese grater and not a razor.
    Thanks for putting this out there cus I would of never known such a thing existed.


  2. The Dean says

    Looks like these guys make straights, DE and this odd ball twin, double edge. They also sell their own razor blades, knives and a few other products. I assume this razor cam with the Simbatec double edge blades. What did you think of them?

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