Confessions Of A Shower Shaver

I must confess, I am a shower shaver. I have been shaving in the shower for the last 15 years, and loving it. Despite what anyone may say or think, I believe a shower and a shave to be the perfect marriage.

The steam created and contained in the shower is exactly what the barber is trying to recreate when he lays a hot, steamed towel on your face. However, when the towel is removed, the sudden change in temperature causes the skin to brace slightly and tighten. A similar thing happens when you hop from the shower to the sink for your daily shave. In the shower, the conditions could not be more culminating for achieving a close shave, and the clean-up couldn’t be any more effortless.

In this short article I will look at all the arguments against this practice and hopefully show you how weak they really are. I will also give you an inside peek at my shower shaving station set-up, which I have been tweaking and tricking out for the last 10 years. Hopefully, I may win a few converts by the end of this.

 The Tools

  • Double-Sided Extendable Shaving Mirror (The magnified side is great when you have facial hair and need to pay close attention to detail.)

  • Corner Shower Rack – Find one or build one with multiple shelves and baskets

  • Soap, brushes, mug, scuttle, and whatever else you normally use for your daily shave.

  • A small travel size tube of toothpaste. I use this to polish my mirror with in order to prevent it from fogging up. You could also keep your toothbrush in the shower too and really kill some birds!


My Process

  • Upon turning on the shower and getting it up to temp, I fill both my scuttle and shaving mug (which holds the soap). I then plop my brush into one or the other.

  • Then I run the gamut of daily maintenance: Soaping up and shampooing (on days I shampoo). I chase the shampoo with conditioner and leave it in during the shave. I massage the excess conditioner into my moustache and face in preparation for the shave. This aids in softening the bristles even more.

  • Now we begin. I turn the shower to a warm, steady trickle and dump out the water from both the mug and scuttle. Now, I lightly squeeze out my brush (this depends on what soap I am using that day), and begin to load the brush. Next, I return the mug to its proper place on the shaving station and then pick up the scuttle in which I begin to whip up lather. [Lately I have been checking the temperature of the water in order to find out at what point on the thermometer it builds the most lather. I do this for science and the children of the future, I assure you it has nothing to do with OCD.]

  • Once lather is built I use the extendable shaving mirror mounted on the wall opposite my shower head and begin to apply the suds.

  • When my face is fully coated I return the scuttle to the corner rack and grab the razor I will be using that day. I hold the razor under the faucet and wet it thoroughly. In the winter months the razor has its own mug or bowl of hot water that it sits in until it’s time to use. I then fully extend the mirror from the wall. Tip: Keep the mirror against the wall until you are ready to begin the physical act of shaving. This prevents the mirror from fogging up too fast.

  • After my first pass I push the mirror back up against the wall, return the brush to its mug or rack, grab the razor and begin to wet it slightly under the faucet. I grab the scuttle and start to rehydrate and build up the lather again. It’s pretty much rinse and repeat after this.

  • When I am done shaving I turn the shower back on and rinse out my brush, mug, razor, scuttle, and the conditioner out of my hair and stache.


Shower Shaver Common Misconceptions and Simple Solutions

Wastes Water

  • Turn water to slow trickle or off during shave.

Mirror Fogs

  • Use an extendable, Double sided shaving mirror. Coat and polish w/ toothpaste to prevent fog up.

  • Purchase a fog free mirror.

Cannot Hear The Shave

  • Turn off the shower and notice how much louder the sound of the actual shave now is. The shower’s natural acoustics function like an echo chamber, thus amplifying the sound of the shave. Win.

Razor Can Slip And Fall

  • I have over 30 different safety razors that I have used over the years, modern and vintage and never has a razor once slipped from my grip. Remember, similar unfounded fears keep many a man from ever trying out wet shaving.

Cannot Hear Radio

  • Really? Shower radios have come a long way over the years. You can find a waterproof radio that you can even attach your IPod or IPhone to.

Takes much longer

  • It actually takes much less time. Consider the set-up and clean-up time that is spent when you shave at the sink.


All in all, one can think of a million reasons (or maybe just six) why not to give shaving in the shower a try. I challenge any fella reading this right now to humor me and try it for a week. I would love to hear how it worked out and what you think. Happy Really Wet Shaving!

Note From Mantic59: Douglas has written a supplemental article on tricking out a shower shaving set-up on his site, HERE!

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  1. Ryios says

    I shave in the shower as well, but all I use is my disposable razor, 1 can of shaving cream, and 1 bottle of shampoo. That’s literally it. I don’t have anything else in my shower (it’s small). I don’t even use a mirror.

    I’ve learned to shave blind using nothing but my fingers. I hold the razor with 1 hand and cup around it with my other hand so I can feel my face as I go (touch navigation) and I check and recheck for smoothness.

    Takes me about 10 minutes to get clean and shaven and I’m dressed and out the door in 15.

  2. says

    I was really big into traditional shaving in the shower a couple of years ago and got burned out on having to use a badger brush, shave soap and a safety razor. It was fun at first but after awhile it became tedious and more like a ritual to shave. Now I just use an electric shaver and get the job done as quick as I can. I do however miss the closer shaves and having that nice after smell from my shave soap.

  3. Dylan says

    I have recently taken to shaving in the shower, however I have never used a mirror. I just used my safety razor for the first time and prefer it to my old 5 blade.

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