Whom Do You Admire?

Who do you think are the most trusted, authoritative experts in the traditional wet shaving community?  The ones you would not miss a blog post, forum comment, or youtube video from?

  • Leisureguy?
  • Geofatboy?
  • drmoss_ca (SMF)?
  • Johnny (Shavenook)?
  • Ouch (B&B)?
  • Gary Carrington?
  • Betelgeux (Reddit)?

These are just examples–the door is wide open.  (Just don’t say mantic59.  This is not an ego boost post!)

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  1. Tbone says

    Here are the experts I have found particularly helpful, influential and informative:

    Mantic59 – Mantic’s wetshaving videos are an outstanding resource, an unparalleled, straightforward and illustrative wealth of information.

    Leisureguy – Leisureguy’s Guide to Gourmet Shaving book, now in its sixth edition, is a very useful reference for new and experienced wetshavers alike. The shaving posts on his Later On blog are also quite interesting and informative.

    Bruce Everiss – His Bruce On Shaving blog is well written, enlightening, direct and to the point. Although no longer updated on a regular basis, it remains one of the most informative wetshaving sites on the Internet.

    Lynn Abrams – A very knowledgeable and influential proponent of straight razor shaving, Lynn also started one of the first online wetshaving communities to help spread the word.

    • Bambooculm says

      Tbone, I must agree with you, about Bruce Everiss and revise my list:
      Apart from the champion called Mantic59 who will not be named, I favour Leisureguy, Geofatboy, Bruce Everiss, Betelgeux (Reddit), and Lynn Abrams in that order. I only discovered Betelgeux because of this forum, and his videos are great. I am a novice at straight razor shaving.
      The hardest parts of the face to shave are the chin and above the lip area, and for this reason, the videos of the champion and Geofatboy are especially good.

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