The Gentleman Shaver? (Videos) + Surprise Giveaway!

For some reason a few different shaving forums and blogs have recently picked up again on this video made for Art of Shaving:

Yes, it’s a humorous, professionally-done video (by BBDO no less, one of the premier advertising agencies out there.  Never mind it was produced six months ago) and there’s the obvious cleavage to maintain interest.  But I just couldn’t help but think “this concept is just a copy of Cary Grant’s shaving scene in “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House from 1948!”

(Please note that some web browsers have difficulty displaying the Mr. Blandings scene above.  Sorry.  Please use the link above to view directly if necessary.)

I guess what is old is new again….

[Special thanks to Corey Greenberg for his help with this post.]


Surprise!  Here’s a special giveaway!

Not on Facebook?  Just leave a comment that you’re not on FB and you  want to be entered.  You must be a registered user with a valid email address though (for notification).

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  1. says

    Love that scene in “Mr. Blandings…”! Also like the scene in “North by Northwest” where Cary has to shave with a ladies’ razor in a public bathroom. Funny! :-)

  2. Mercure says

    Nice way to keep shaving with a straight razor without losing the edge or his cool :)

    He is not only a gentleman but a acrobat…

  3. Kevin Eldridge says

    I loved shaving with my Safety razor, until I accidentally threw away my Melt Long Handle safety razor. I have been holding out buying one as Christmas is day on the horizon. This would be a wonderful set. Parker is also a good company just as Merkur is.

  4. Eddie says

    I would like to congratulate the winner of the shaving set since it will not be me. I have no intention of having anything to do with Facebook. Especially with such a disclaimer as shown

    • mantic59 says

      Hi Eddie–

      I have edited the post so non-Facebook users can participate too! Just register with with a valid email address and leave a comment here that you’d like to be entered. :)

  5. joe says

    I just found your site and love it .I am new to wet shaving hobby and have no supplies yet so please enter me in this… as im not on facebook!!! good luck to me!!!

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