SPF Moisturizers for Men


The dog-days of Summer are in full effect and that means you have to remember to pack sunscreen, right?? Right!

But how do we handle our sunscreen needs on our “normal” days? You know, the 9-5 part of our lives? Our faces can always use an SPF-upgraded moisturizer but when it comes these warmer months that becomes even more important! So here is a list of SPF moisturizers that I’ve put together as strong considerations for you this summer.

Specialty SPF Moisturizers
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  1. says

    Nice! The facial Moisturizer by Kyoku sounds perfect. Would you also recommend this for a persons head (shaved) or do have something better to recommend? (My head is of the oily type)

  2. says

    Hello Lamar,

    Definitely! Moisturizers with SPF are very important for bald men and should be used. Kyoku’s will work very well because it will not leave much of a shine. So give it a try!

  3. says

    I haven’t tried any of those moisturizers myself, I’ve actually been using sun screen AS moisturizer this summer is this not a good idea? Also where does this fit into my skin care routine when I also want to use a light face bronzer to give myself some colour the sun won’t? Is there an SPF moisturizer with a very light bronzer or tinter that is suitable for male skin?

    • says

      Hello Mike, there aren’t any moisturizers that I am aware of that have all the ingredients you are looking for (SPF + Bronzer). However, MenScience does make a light bronzing moisturizer w/o SPF and H/E by Jane Iredale has a light bronzer that has an SPF 18.

      As for the steps on how and when to apply these items to the skin. Apply chemical sunscreens (w/ ingrd. like: oxybenzone or avobenzone) first because that need to be absorbed into the skin. Barriers like moisturizers, makeup, and physical block sunscreens (w/ ingrd. like: titanium dioxide or zinc oxide) should be applied last.

      Hope that helps!

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    Positive effects of regular moisturizing is skin cell regeneration, hydration, smoother skin, prevention of external or environmental damages that leads to premature wrinkles, sun spots and more. Best Moisturizer for Men understands that these results are not limited for women only and would like to cater to men’s moisturizing needs thus promoting healthy and blemish free skin for men.

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