Cold Water.

C-c-c-cold Water!

Ever taken a cold shower and noticed the difference in the way your skin feels vs. when you take a warm one?  What about after you shave…does your face feel better after a splash of cold water? Or, have you ever hopped out of  a warm shower and struggled to get your hairstyle just right?

Well, here is the secret.  Cold Water.

From the top of our heads, to the bottom of our feet,  our body is alive.


When you are finished shampooing and conditioning your hair, give it a final rinse with cold water.  Why? Well, it closes the cuticles that are on each and every hair follicle.  Your hair will not only feel cleaner but it will give off a great natural shine.


This is goodfor your post-shave and the final rinse in the shower, as well.  Cold water closes the pores, so your skin will feel cleaner, look shinier and will make better use of the topical products (i.e. after shave balms and moisturizers) you put on after drying off.  Not to mention, if you were still trying to wake up, cold water can take care of that too!

So there you have it!  Who said keeping cool and looking good couldn’t go hand in hand?

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  1. Mid-Ohio says

    I have used a cold water splash after seeing someone else suggest it and have it a regular part of my routine. It feels great!

  2. Alain Nonyme says

    Please, stop perpetuating the myth that pores open or close.

    Our pores do not have any muscles and do not open and close. This is a complete myth. What we see as “opening” and “closing” is our pores’ reactions to either being clogged by gunk (causing the “open” look) or our pores’ reaction to our facial tissue swelling from astringents (causing the “closed” look).

    Do a Google search on “close pores myth”, you see…

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