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edwin jagger 877
The Edwin Jagger 877 shave brush has been regarded as an great value for years.  It is well built and a good, average size.  It measures:

  • Loft: 46mm
  • Knot Diameter: 21mm
  • Total Height: 99mm

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1 thought on “Edwin Jagger 877 Shaving Brush”

  1. I’ve tried boar and synthetic brushes. I’ve found that badger simply outperforms boar and synthetic. I’ve tried inexpensive pure badger all the way up to the high end silvertip badger. Yet my favorite brush is really not very expensive. It is this Edwin Jagger in medium best badger for about $50. I know… $50 is a lot of money. However, best badger is a significant step above pure badger that gives you nice and soft tips. Medium refers to the size, and it is long enough that it allows you to easily reach into your bowl when mixing lather. Yet the bristles of this Edwin Jagger medium have enough stiffness that you can bear down a little bit and quickly whip up large and luxurious lathers, even with shaving soaps. It’s really a superb and versatile brush that will last you decades.

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