Shaving Blogs

Here is a list of active shaving-related blogs I know about (in alphabetical order).

  • 365 Shaves – A fairly new blog from a group of shavers, mainly describing their “shave of the day” (SOTD) and the occasional shaving-related article.
  • Anthronicle – Good insights and reviews of shaving products.
  • Becoming An Old Man – Mainly about shaving, with occasional forays into fashion and drinking.
  • BrushnSoapnBlade – Strictly speaking not a blog but a blog-like podcast.  Mostly about shaving but frequently wanders off in other directions.
  • Canuck Shaver – Robust shaving site with well-composed photos and good reviews.
  • Goedkoop Natscheren – a Dutch classic shaving blog!
  • Jayaruh Shaving – Frequent posts, mostly SOTD but other interesting articles too.
  • Leisureguy – If Michael didn’t invent the SOTD post it’s arguable that he perfected it.  He’s been doing it for years, and he mixes them with his own research into what makes a great shave.  He has distilled much of that information down into a highly-regarded book (though a highly abbreviated version is available HERE).
  • Ritual Shave – Traditional Shaving from a woman’s perspective.
  • Shave Like Grandad – Doug’s blog has been around for less than a year but he stands out with great topics, solid information, and an entertaining writing style.
  • Shave The Man – Although the blog isn’t updated regularly, there is a linked youtube channel that is quite active.
  • sjshaving – Traditional Wet Shaving blog from a UK perspective.
  • Steve Davidson – Relatively new blog with bite-sized reviews and comments, particularly focused on straight razors.
  • Tailor & Barber – A good blog related to a commercial shaving/clothing shopping site.
  • The Close Shave – Mostly shaving reviews but occasionally wanders off into other topics.
  • The Grooming Guys Blog – Part of a commercial site, Michael Gilman (founder of Grooming Lounge) gives his take on shaving and grooming problems and products.
  • The Shaving Shack Blog – Part of a commercial site, you will often see bite-sized product reviews and Q&A.
  • Tiki Bar Soap – Although part of a commercial artisan’s site, it has a number of good articles about soaps and related grooming products and techniques.
  • Wet Shaving Times – A grooming and person care blog.
  • Wet The Face – Lots of reviews and some giveaways.
  • Why I Wet Shave – Matt features reviews, interviews and commentary on wet shaving products and techniques.

There are also some blogs that are updated less frequently, or are no longer active but have been kept online for reference.  You will find good nuggets of timeless information at these sites:

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