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[Updated September, 2020] Here are links and comments to some of the shaving-related discussion forums (in alphabetical order).  Forums used to be more welcoming, civil, and helpful to newcomers, without a lot of the “flamewars” and “snarky comments” of the typical internet forum.  Unfortunately as traditional wet shaving has grown the forums are beginning to get a lot more “noisy” and, while the membership is usually enthusiastic, some forum administrators and owners have become more rigid and heavy-handed with their policies (some going so far as to ban links to resources that are off-site).  “Lurk” on a forum for a while to get a feel for what is and is not permitted before you start participating.

If you want to browse forum topics with less “drama” be sure to check out Sharpologist’s “Discussions” tool!

  • Against The Grain (UK Forum)
  • Badger and Blade (commercial site)
  • Barbear Classico: (Portuguese forum)
  • : (Norwegian forum)
  • Barbierit de Lux (Romanian forum)
  • borotvafórum: (Hungarian forum)
  • Brijacnica: (Croatian forum)
  • Coupe Chou Club: (French forum)
  • Damn Fine Shave (US forum)
  • foroafeitado (Spanish language forum)
  • Forum Savrseno: (Serbian forum)
  • geltir: (Turkish forum)
  • gut-rasiert : (German forum, appears to be focused on straight razors)
  • Il Rasoio: (Italian shaving forum seems to be focused on straight razors)
  • Mens Only: (Greek forum)
  • Nassrasur: (German forum)
  • Razor and Stone: Oriented to straight razor shaving
  • Rasando: (another Italian forum)
  • Shave My Face: One of oldest, most established forums about traditional wet shaving.  The members tend to be more deeply into the “fidelity” aspect of shaving, having found what works for them ages ago.  The depth of knowledge and experience of many members makes it an awesome resource.
  • Sharp Razor Palace (Previously Straight Razor Palace and before that Straight Razor Place): Another of the oldest, most established shaving forums.  More oriented towards straight razor shaving, but like Shave My Face the depth and experience of many members make it the go-to spot for information on straight razor shaving.
  • Straight Razor Place: Appeared out of a domain dispute.
  • The Original Safety Too:
  • The Shave Den: Another firmly established, active traditional shaving forum.
  • The Shave Nook: Another popular wet shaving forum.  Very active with “well-connected” users who sometimes “scoop” other forums with new product announcements or original research.  Owned by a wet shaving vendor but with a reasonably neutral content philosophy.
  • The Shaving Cadre
  • The Shaving Room: (UK forum) Features an active community from not only the UK but other parts of the world as well.
  • Wetshaving subreddit on Reddit
  • Wicked Edge” subreddit on Reddit


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